And the Awards Go to…Me!

Yes, it’s true!  I am just that fabulous!  So fabulous that I have been awarded not one but TWO blog awards in the past few weeks.

The first is The Sunshine Award and it comes from Dawn at, and I have to admit, this one means a lot.  Why? Let me count the ways:

1. Dawn is FUNNY, smart, witty, thoughtful and self-deprecating just like me.

2. Dawn is inspiring and prolific — she writes and posts A LOT plus she works a regular job and has kids and a husband, and well, I don’t know how she does it.

3. I do not know Dawn, and have never met Dawn.  She is my first ever blog-only friend.  So you gotta think she awarded it to me because she likes my blog, and not just to be nice. Yay me.  Even more yay her.

3. A condition of the award is that I list 12 bloggers I’d like to give the award to.  And since I’m not all that blog-savvy, that’s made me really troll around the web to find blogs I like. Fun.

The second award, The Kreativ Blogger Award, comes from Tracy Beckerman at Lost in Suburbia.   Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Tracy thinks I’m fabu…but she’s also a friend.  So she mighta just done it to be nice.  Still, it’s meaningful in a different way:  she likes my blog…and me! Plus, Tracy is busy busy busy — nice she took the time.  She has TV appearances, and a nationally syndicated column, and a blog, and a husband, and two kids, and and and and and.

This award comes with the responsibility to pass it along to seven other bloggers, and to tell viewers seven things they don’t know about me.

So here goes:

1. I used to be a Bar Mitzvah band singer.  In Paris.  Yes, it’s true.  I sang “Material Girl” to banquet halls filled with Parisian teenagers back in the 80’s. Glamourous, no?

2. I do not like chocolate.  Now, this is one of those weird ones you don’t want to admit.  People think I’m some sort of freak!  Who doesn’t like chocolate? Me, that’s who.  And before you go on about how lucky I am that I don’t eat chocolate, read the next thing you don’t know about me…

3. I once ate an entire Roast Chicken in one afternoon.  You know, it was in the fridge, I picked at it once, and once more, and twice more after that, and before I knew it: carcass.  That’s all that was left.

4. My drawing skills are only slightly better than your average five year old’s.  And significantly less good than those of a talented five year old.  I have trouble drawing a decent stick figure.

5.  I am shrinking.  Sad, but true.  See, I’ve weighed about the same since I was about 20 years old.  But I’m fatter.  Why?  Because I used to be 5′ 7″, and now I’m 5′ 6″.  I’m not even 45 yet!!!  At this rate, I’ll be a munchkin by the time I’m sixty.  A fat munchkin.

6. When I was five years old, my aunt had my twin cousins.  I told her I was going to have twins one day too.  And I did. (so did one of her twins, just a few months ago!  And our grandmother was a twin.  Think it might run in the family or something?)

7. Even though my boobs are gi-normous, I had breast reduction surgery when I was 18 years old.  Which means that had I not done that, they would be gargantuan. Wait – which is bigger?  gi-normous, or gargantuan? How about we just say they were Gi-gantuan and now they’re Gi-normantuan?

And now for the bloggers I just know you should read:

1.New York City Single Mom – because it’s amazing that you can be a good mom, and massively productive blogger, funny and fun all at the same time.

2. The Traveling Mom Blog – OK, I know I write for this blog, but the truth is, a lot of the bloggers there are way better than I am, and know A LOT about the best ways, places, and tips you need to know before you go anywhere with your kids.

3. Selfish Mom.  Funny. Honest. Read her.

4. Prime Time Parenting – by Esti Berkowitz.  Because honestly, I never thought that becoming an observant Jew could be so funny!

5. Role Mommy: The Blog.  Role Mommy has a lot going on: the blog, the events, Role Mommy University.  And the blog there is a nice mix of personal funny stuff and useful stuff and giveaways.

6. That Girl Blogs – sooooo funny.  Half the stuff she writes I wish I wrote.

7. Houzz – Because good design is, well, really, really good.  You know you can’t possibly achieve it.  But it’s nice to dream.

8. The Mummy Chronicles – an honest account of post-partum depresssion…that is sometimes also hilarious.  Nice to know we can laugh at ourselves.

9. Peas and Bananas – because why should the Mommies get all the love.  The Dad bloggers are funny, too.  Plus, they’re not going to show up at BlogHer wearing the same thing you are.

And now for the tough part — both awards dictate that I pass along the love.  Which I am SOOOO very happy to do.  But how?  Do I give both awards to everyone? Seems odd.   How about this?  To Dawn, at Dawning I award the Kreativ Blogger award.  Because she’s, well, creative.  Plus, I’m all about passing that good karma around and right back at you.  To Tracy, I award the Sunshine Blog Award.  Because,  well, she’s funny and I like the way she writes.

The other blogs?  Well, since I love you so much, I’ll let you decide. Pick one award, pick two.  Just know that I picked you all because you deserve it!


  1. says

    I’m speechless! Oh no, wait, it’s right here in my pocket. I’ve been carrying it around all week in case I win a surprise Oscar.

    Seriously, thank you so much! I’m so tickled!

    Are the singer in Paris thing? Way cool – if you leave out the Bar Mitzvah part. 🙂

  2. says

    Such very nice things to say to /about me… and not even behind my back or anything!

    Seriously… you did not have to, really… but I’m glad you did!

    And I am very creative… I crocheted a sock of my own design this week… and last week I made myself a sweater… and this week I will be making (please read :attempting to remember how) to make the other sock so I can have a pair. 🙂

    The secret to multiple blog posts is that I can write a bunch and schedule them to post when I want them to.

    That way I can let the creative juices flow when I have the time and not have to worry about it if I can’t write everyday because let’s face it… somedays we just don’t feel very funny, or witty or even literate!

    I know I tend to run on… can’t help myself- my fingers just run away from me- LOL!

    Do email me anytime you need to vent or whatever… I am a nurse and deal with OP’s ( other people’s) worries all the time… I’m a nuturer- or a nut- whichever.

  3. says

    THANK YOU. I am honored and touched that you mentioned me. It is so nice of you. I’m just hoping that I don’t have to another account of post-partum depression. Third times a charm, right?

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