Labor(ious) Day

Labor Day weekend.  The holiday of hot dogs and hamburgers, and even more family than usual crammed into this seemingly large but amazingly small when it’s filled with my entire family house.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

But since I am a seasonal moocher  — this house (nice pic, huh?) belongs to my parents and I’ve spent the entire summer here with my kids — I am already a bit (ok deeply) into family overload.  ‘Cause this summer has been all about the family time.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s just that if I were looking for something to make me feel younger, I might have skipped the dermabrasion (I think I did that in 8th grade with a Buff Puff for a whole lot less money) and just moved back in with Mom and Dad.  Because really, what’s more infantilizing than living in your parents’ house for three months?  I’ll tell you what….NOTHING.

Last week I signed on with a marketing/branding/design firm to do copywriting for the next four months.  I was offered what I thought was a good amount of money.  My parents thought otherwise.  “Is that all?”

Just today, my mother asked me to make a salsa to go with the fish my dad was grilling. So I did.  She came into the kitchen “Are you cutting the pieces like that?” she asked.  It felt like a Jewish Mother cliche “You’re not wearing that!”  Well, actually, Mom, yes I am.

Or, upon seeing a pile of papers on my desk and some more not-so-neat but not-so-terribly messy either stuff in my and my husband’s room “I don’t know how you live this way?”

Neither do I.

At the same time, however, I know there are good sides to this deal: it’s a beautiful house, on a beautiful spot, and my kids are making memories with their grandparents that will last them forever.  Not to mention having a pool and a big yard and room to play.  And I know that my parents aren’t going to be around forever.  I’m 43, and I’m the youngest of three…so you do the math.  And I do love them and get along really really well with them. Just really better when I haven’t been living with them for three months.

They babysit.  They adore my kids.  They put in a swingset and a vegetable garden, and got my son a bunk bed and let my daughter put fairy decals on the wall. And they still think of me as young. That’s love, baby.

So this is the last big weekend.  All family togetherness, and nudging, and bickering, and laughing too. And then I’ll go back to the city, to a new job, and a small apartment, and I’ll count the days until the mooching begins again.


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    Oh, I hear you on the family dynamic and the close quarters for an extended period. What a gorgeous place, though – love the photo. If it makes you feel any better, I still am not able to chop food, raise children, vacuum or apply eye make-up “right” according to certain parties. Hope your end-of-summer transition goes smoothly and that you have lots of great memories to take home with you…

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