Gibson Girl: How Last Night’s ABC Interview Made Scary Sarah Palin Scarier than Ever

Last night I watched Charlie Gibson interview Sarah Palin on ABC News.  It was a little light on the tough follow-ups.  A little long on her generic aphorisms about victory being in sight and being vigilant.  Short on facts, and answers to the actual questions asked.  And a teeny bit too perky. But overall, she wasn’t terrible.

Here’s what I saw:  a clearly intelligent, poised, perky(again), well-spoken, appealing persona telling America her opinion on politics.  She was not dumb.  She was not stuttering, or using malapropisms…she sounded like the Republican version of me, at a dinner party, talking about politics.  I know what I think and everything — I just don’t quite have all the facts.  You know – I just think stuff.

But there is one huge difference between me and Sarah Palin – aside from the fake glasses, the twang, the creationism and all that horrid gun stuff — I’M NOT RUNNING FOR VICE PRESIDENT! (though you can click here to read why I should be.)

So she’s not stupid.  So she can speak in front of a crowd.  So what?  Everyone has an opinion.  My doorman, the taxi driver, the guy on the bus this morning talking the driver’s ear off. (Hello? do you not see the sign that reads “do not talk to driver while bus is in motion”?) Everyone is entitled to an option.  But opinion isn’t enough. You need knowledge, experience, command of the facts. Do I think she can learn a lot of the things she needs to? Absolutely.  Clearly, the woman’s no slouch.  But do I think that she should be learning on the job? Ummmmm….NO.

What upsets me most about all this is that even though I completely disagree with John McCain about just about everything…I thought he was a decent guy.  Turns out, he’s a guy who picks as his running mate, not someone who would make a good vice president — much less president — but someone who can get him elected.  That’s shameful.  And insulting. And it’s certainly not putting “country first.”


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    What you say may be true, but what is the alternative? Obama didn’t Biden as his VP, nor did the Democratic Party – John McCain chose Biden as Democratic VP candidate. Their “not ready to lead” argument caused Obama to choose a man who was the opposite of Obama’s own platform for “change” and :new politics” as his VP so that he could get elected.

    So, do we go with pandering to women and part of our own base, or with caving to opposition and letting them make the choice for us?

    We’re screwed.

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    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you. We’re screwed. But I don’t think Biden was a bad choice – just not a very exciting one. What the Dems forgot is that this country doesn’t value intelligence or experience – hey, they elected George Bush, twice! – they just want someone real nice they can relate to.
    Which I guess goes back to you: we’re screwed.

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    If Clinton was the candidate Biden would have been a good choice. Since it fairly obvious that Obama chose him to deal with attacks from his opposition, that shows him as a bad choice for Obama. Whenever you let your enemy choose your actions for you, you’ve shown critical weakness and are on the road to failure and defeat.

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