Negative New York: I’m so Over it!

Sarcasm. Pessimism. Negativity. I think this city needs an attitudinal makeover.

Perhaps the most depressing sign of just how far pessimism has gone is the sign on the scaffolding of the nearly-finished luxury residential building in my neighborhood: “Twenty-First Century Pre-War Residences” it reads.  It’s even the headline when you go to the building’s website.

Really?  Last time I checked this was the twenty first century, and we were already at war. Two wars, to be more precise.  Do the developers of the building not know we are at war?  Or maybe they decided that these wars don’t really count.  You know, seeing as George W. Bush declared victory seven years ago. Scarily, maybe they think another, bigger, war is yet to come. Or maybe they know something….spooky.

It feels awfully pessimistic to me.  Kind of like being invited to a pre-divorce wedding, or a pre-funeral seventy-fifth birthday party.

Read the rest of this post to find out what other weirdly negative things are going on here in NY.  By clicking over to NYC Moms Blog.

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