Gimme a Head of Hair, Long Beautiful Hair…Secret Extensions

If you get the reference in the title, then you’re either a musical theater person, or of an age when long hair just seems, well, for younger people. I happen to be both.

As I’ve inched nearer and nearer to  the half-century mark, my hair has gotten shorter and shorter. It’s sort of the unspoken rule of middle age: lose the long hair. Or else.

That’s why Secret Extensions event I was invited to last week was such a hoot.  I got to have long hair for a short time.  Just for fun.  The event had stylists putting in the super-easy to use extensions, but the truth is, since Secret Extensions are basically headbands with hair attached, you can really do it yourself.

They’re best for hair that’s already pretty long – just giving you longer hair and more of it.  With shoulder length hair like mine, it would take a whole lotta blending and curling to make them look like anything other than a long toupee. Even with the 11 colors they offer.

Secret Extensions long short



what you can do, is make ponytails or braids with your long locks.  Like they did for me:

Secret Extensions braid back

A little hokey, maybe….secret extensions comparison




(The resemblance is uncanny, I know.)

But still, having long hair for an evening was fun.  Plus, I got to take my long locks home with me!  Can you say Halloween?  Seriously, though, Secret Extensions colors were surprisingly rich, the synthetic fibers looked and felt surprisingly like real hair, and while I might cut mine a bit — because theyr’e a bit too long for me — even as a braid — I just might put ’em in one night.  Just for fun.  Because if Jackie O could wear a fall.  If movie stars can wear extensions all the time…well, why can’t the rest of us?  If you’ve got a problem with that, just Let it Go.  And if you get THAT movie reference, you’re alive and well in 2014!

 Full Disclosure:  I went to the Secret Extensions event in NYC, hosted by MomFluential and  Hollywood Moms/ Hot Moms Club, and received Secret Extensions as a parting gift.  All opinions are my own.

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