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enjoy jpg logoI love me some new technology.  I love marveling at what these new-fangled contraptions can do.  How they work.  Their simplicity.  What I don’t enjoy is having to figure out how they do what they do, and set them up myself.  Enter ENJOY, the new home tech delivery service I tried out last week.

ENJOY takes all that is wrong with getting new tech out of the equation.  Because with ENJOY, you order your tech product, and then have it hand delivered, set up and fully explained to you by a knowledgeable home tech expert.  The visit is FREE!  (Not a typo.  Seriously. It’s free) Started by the creator of the Apple Store, Ron Johnson, it’s like bringing the Apple Store experience into your home.  Only with ENJOY, you can choose from all kinds of products: gaming systems, cameras, wearables, SONOS, ipads…even drones!  Then, instead of standing in a stark white space, talking to a knowledgeable tech expert, about the stuff, you get to have that same conversation in your own home or office, when you decide to have it.  And  did I mention – the visit is free!?  So you can stop worrying and just #goEnjoy your stuff.

In collaboration with ENJOY, I chose to purchase eero,  a new Wifi system for my apartment from eero.  My tech expert, Enrique, texted and emailed ahead of time to tell me exactly when he’d arrive. (at a time I chose, online).  He was on time, neatly dressed, and super, super nice.  He unboxed my eeros (I got two – NYC pre-war apartments have VERY thick walls!), and walked me through the super-simple (but likely it seemed that way because he was there) set up.

I asked Enrique about his background.  A college grad and US Marine Veteran, he, like many ENJOY ech experts, had once worked at the Apple Store.  He told me that in addition to extensive testing of his knowledge, ENJOY had done a thorough background check on him, and on all employees.  Good to know, as they’re sending people into private homes!

And I wasn’t surprised when not only did he set up my eero, but explained how it works, and stayed until I had WiFi in every corner of my apartment. (Your free visit lasts around an hour.)

Bottom line?  I don’t just get to enjoy my device, I got to ENJOY the whole experience.

I’m thinking ENJOY is perfect as a Mother’s Day gift.  ENJOY’s selection is HUGE, but they have enough products, from enough brands, with enough variety, that’s you’re bound to find something perfect.  And the list is so curated, you can’t go wrong.  ENJOY is a great gift solution, especially if your mother is, ahem, technologically challenged. Plus, if you’ve forgotten to get something, this is perfect.  Just tell your mom you were planning this all along, but you wanted her to be able to pick her own time for her personal visit with the tech expert.

To help you make that happen, I’ve got a handy-dandy coupon code so you can  #GoEnjoy! Use Code: RAF-H2H for $50 off your first order.

Fine Print:

Expires: 6/30

Amount: $50

Limitations: Enjoy’s services are available to anyone living in San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, and Hoboken, New Jersey. Code cannot be used on Boosted Boards, Tile or products under $100.



Founded in 2014, ENJOY is the world’s first Personal Commerce platform, built to revolutionize the way people buy and enjoy the world’s best technology products. The central feature of the company is the ENJOY Visit, which is included free with every purchase. A highly trained ENJOY Expert will hand deliver every item to the customer at a time and place of their choosing and spend around an hour helping them to get set up with their new product. ENJOY is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information, please visit www.goenjoy.com.

I received a discount code to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.



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