jimmyCASE: My Favorite New iPhone Case

I was given a jimmyCASE to facilitate this review.

Although I don’t post a whole lot on my blog anymore, I still regularly get pitches from PR companies wanting to send me stuff to review.  Go figure. Mostly, it’s stuff I would never want:  diaper bags (my kids are teenagers), car seats (did I mention they’re teenagers?), a ridiculous quantity of some prepared food or another.  But a few weeks back, I got a pitch for the jimmyCASE, a slim, nifty looking iPhone/wallet case that holds up to six cards and cash without getting big and bulky.

That, I wanted to try.

The JimmyCase solves a problem a lot of iPhone cases do:  what to do when you want to carry your phone (so ALWAYS) but not your wallet (so, a lot of the time.)  I’ve had wallet cases before, you know, the kind with a flap, that folds over your phone.  The problem with those is that when your case is closed, you don’t see your alerts, and when you’re on your phone, that big ole flap is, well, flapping around with all of your cards and stuff in it.  It’s kind of annoying.

I’ve also tried to super tight plastic ones that hug your phone.  No flap, no interference with your alerts, but they also don’t hold much. One card, maybe two, and that’s it.

Enter jimmyCASE.  jimmycase1

It’s a simply idea:  a mahogany core (so eco-lovely), a rubber bumper around the phone for protection, and a high-quality (they swear it will never stretch out) elastic band that holds up to six cards and cash. I’m loving it. 

There are lots of choices of colors: solids and stripes in a sophisticated palette, and the bumpers come in white and black (something i didn’t realize when I ordered mine — I got a black bumper but would have preferred white.) But the best part is:  it really does hold A LOT of stuff without getting big and bulky, and without getting in the way.

I have my drivers license, my metro card, a credit card, and a $20 bill in mine, and it’s barely stretched out at all.

Here are pros and cons:

  • Pros: sleek design, no bulk, no interference, beautiful wood, high quality construction, sophisticated color choices, good case for men or women.
  • Cons:  Bumpers only come in black and white, so the front of your phone doesn’t look all pretty,  and when holding the phone for a long period of time I found my hand got a little sweaty from contact with the elastic.– not a problem with leather cases…but not a big problem either.  I just held the phone by the bumper for a few moments to give my palm a rest.

Overall, jimmyCASE is a simple, elegant solution for those of use who want a stylish, functional iPhone case.  And clearly, I’m not the only one who thinks so — delivery time on the cases is now at least a week, due to high demand.

The verdict?  jimmyCASE is a keeper.


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