Seduced by the Nintendo DSi

It’s been a long courtship.  I didn’t want to give in.  I have my principles.  I have my standards.  I know what’s right and wrong.  I admit, I’ve been weak.  I’ve let myself been taken in by the Wii and Wii Fit. I’ve gotten involved with Wii Music. But until now, I haven’t gone all the way.   I’ve left that Nintendo DS Lite you sent me on the shelf.  Because I do have principles.  And letting my kids sit, immobile, but for their thumbs, staring at a little tiny screen — well, that just violates my very sense of proper mothering.  I’ve been the responsible grown up. I have not yet let my kids play with a handheld gaming device.

But Friday, I finally gave in to the persistent, gift laden seduction of Nintendo.  Because yesterday, I got the new Nintendo DSi.dsi-box

I feel a little bit dirty – like I’m taking a bite out of the forbidden fruit.  But I have to say: I like it.

Because the new Nintendo DSi, due out today(yes, I am that important: I already got mine – EARLY!) really is different. Nintendo has made the handheld interactive.(I’m assuming that’s what the ” i”  in DSi is for)  The DSi still plays all the same DS games as the older version,  (and some new ones, too) but it also takes pictures, plays music, and connects to the internet.

I have to admit, mostly I’m not interested in handheld games because I suck at them.  It makes me feel old.  Like I’m not young enough to get my head around what my kids seem to understand instinctively.  Kind of like my Mom and programming a VCR.  But this stuff?  This is fun. Because the DSi doesn’t just take pictures, it lets you play around with them.  I can add a funny nose and mustache.  I can stick my head on someone else’s body. (And you know how I wish I had someone else’s — anyone else’s — body.) This is fun.  And I can’t really suck at it. No performance anxiety.  I like that in a handheld.

Music is another new part of the DSi. In addition to playing music, this thing lets me record my own voice, and add it to the music.  Or change the music by adding cymbals, or drums.  I can  change the pitch or what I record.  Speed it up, slow it down.  It’s kind of like Wii music — only smaller.

Playing with pictures.  Messing around with music.  That, I get.  And since it’s so brand-spanking new, and I already have one (thank you Nintendo) I feel like I’m on the cutting edge.  Nintendo, you’ve made me feel young and hip!!! Who knew an electronics company would be the fountain of youth!

So I’ve given in.  I’ve gone all the way  — into handheld electronic territory. How could I resist?  The thing even has multiple screens? (well, two. But at forty +, two counts as multiple to me!) dsi-two-screen

As for the kids?  Well, they’ll have to wait awhile.  I want to enjoy my new vice all alone for awhile.  After all, once the kids get a hold of it, they’ll figure out way more about it, and way faster than I could — and that’ll, like, totally kill my buzz.  So I’ll enjoy awhile in secret.  Just my DSi and I – alone, at night, after the kids are gone.  Sounds good to me.  And then after a while,  the kids can have it….maybe.

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