Toddy Gear Review

Full Disclosure: To facilitate this review, I received the  products pictured.  As usual, all opinions expressed are my own.


Fingerprints. Gunk. Grime.  Sticky Stuff.  That’s what ends up on my phone screen ALL the TIME.

Great Selection of Screen Clearning Gear from Toddy Gear

Great Selection of Screen Cleaning Gear fom Toddy Gear

That’s why I was so excited that Toddy Gear to get a box of well-designed screen cleaning products from Toddy Gear. (You know you’re a tech geek when the words “exciting” and “screen Cleaning products” are in the same sentence.)

But in all seriousness – these Toddy Gear products not only really work, cleaning my screens in a flash, but they’re innovative and practical, and kinda pretty.  I like pretty.

First, there’s my favorite, the Pocket Toddy.  This baby folds up to next to nothing, and attaches to your keychain with an elastic loop, so you’re never without a screen cleaning cloth.

NantucketPocketFolding- ToddyGear-

Now, I like a nice looking cloth as much as the next girl, and I have one that I got from Toddy Gear at a Mommy Tech session three years ago at CES which I still use, but half the time, I don’t know where it is.

The pocket toddy?  On my key ring.  I always know where it is.  Well. Almost always.  I have been known to lose my keys.

I love that it works without a spray cleaner – just clean with the rough side, polish with the smooth one, and you’re good to go.  Simple. Easy. Genius.


Next, there’s The Wedge.  I also love this thing.  It’s exactly what it says: a wedge.  So it holds up your tablet or smart phone for hands free watching.  But this is a Toddy Product, so that means it also cleans your devices screen, same deal as the Pocket Toddy: clean with the towel-y looking side, buff and polish with the other.  Then prop it up on the wedge and watch a clean clear picture.

I keep mine next to my bed, where my phone serves as alarm clock, only now I don’t have to fumble for it in the dark. It’s propped up right next to me.


Lastly, there are these Screensters, collectible little guys that work just like the rest of the Toddy clan, but are made for kids.  Play with ‘em,  clean with ‘em, collect ‘em.  I find them a bit creepy looking, design-wise, but I’m not exactly the target demographic, and the kids I gave them too seemed thrilled.  Their parents were happy, too. After giving their ipad to their kids to play with (e.g. get filthy with their fingerprints), the kids could use their screensters to hand them back sparkling.



See? Not so nerdy that I put “exciting” and “screen cleaner” in the same sentence.  Well maybe it is a bit nerdy, but these Toddy Gear cloths are practical, pretty, and innovative.  Sometimes it’s the simple things.


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