Unravel: The Gorgeous Game that just might turn this non-gamer into a gamer

Unravel_E3 Screen2I am not a gamer.  I have never played Mario Kart.  I have never tried Halo.  I have never even seen Grand Theft Auto I, II,III,IV, or V.

But last week, I attended the Electronic Arts (EA)  Preview of it’s upcoming games, and I think I may have seen the game that will turn me into a gamer: Unravel.Unravel_LogoUnravel_Logo

Unravel introduces Yarny, a deceptively simple character made from a single thread of yarn, who embarks on a seemingly larger than life journey through the breath-taking environments of Northern Scandinavia. Using Yarny’s thread and big heart, players traverse nature’s obstacles.  Swing over a tree gap or hitch a ride on a flying kite. Use ingenuity and physics (yes, physics) to figure out how to get up, around, and through real-world obstacles.  Run out of Yarn?  Simply back and up rewind.  Yarny keeps going.  There’s no using up your lives here.  Told completely without words, Yarny is about the bonds that tie everything together.

There’s no winning.  No weapons.  No villains to defeat.  It’s just you- as Yarny – making your way through what just might be the most beautiful digital landscape I’ve ever seen.

Take a look:

Didn’t I tell you it was beautiful?

The creator of the game, Martin Shalin, or the 14 person ColdWood Interactive in Sweden, was at the EA preview, and told us that while on vacation in the Swedish wilderness, he had this idea about being tied to family, and to his grandmother. Here’s how he describes it:

I created Yarny while I was on a camping trip with my family, way out in the countryside. I was asked to explain more about “the yarn game”,… So I created a little poseable Yarny doll from some old metal wire I found and some yarn that I borrowed. Then I wandered around in the woods, putting Yarny in different situations and snapping pictures, figuring out fun things you could do with that yarn. The local nature was a huge inspiration, so I decided that nature should play a big part in the game too…

The gameplay is all about overcoming obstacles, both big and small. Some challenges are simple, like using your yarn to swing across a gap, or rappelling down a tree. Sometimes things get more complex, so complex that when you look back at the tangled, winding weave of yarn that’s left behind you, you have to wonder how you even got to where you’re at. A bit like life, I guess.

I love this description.  It wasn’t about marketing the game.  Or about creating something to SELL.  It was organic, real, and heartfelt. Kind of awesome.  Kind of like this game.

Unravel comes out some time in the spring of 2016. I’m hoping they also launch a Yarny doll.  Because I think I’m in love.



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