Why I Really Really Don’t Want to Give Back my loaner HTC WindowPhone 8X

Comes in tons of cool colors, too.

Comes in tons of cool colors, too.

I love my HTC Windows Phone 8X.  Only it’s not mine.  It’s a loaner, given (lent) to me by HTC so I could review it.

Only I don’t want to give it back. Really, I don’t.

It’s no surprise that I love Windows Phone.  I love it so much that even though the only model Sprint carried with the operating system was the super heavy, super clunky HTC Arrive, I still paid my own actual money to get one.

I never liked that phone.  The camera was eh, the thing weighed at least 150 pounds, but the OS?  That Windows 7 sleek, intuitive, easy to use interface?  The real Word Docs, the Excel spreadsheets, the syncing between my Sky Drive and my phone.  That part I loved.

And then it broke. I mean really , really, broke. And guess what?  Sprint no longer carries Windows Phones. (or HTC phones for that matter….really?) So I was faced with a dilemma.  Do I switch to a non-windows phone, or switch to another carrier?  Since my contract with Sprint isn’t up until forever, switching will cost me $350. And since I’ve been with Sprint for forever, we have a pretty good deal.  So I was stuck.

And yet I still couldn’t bring myself to get an Android or (ugh) iOS devise.

Enter HTC, with an offer for a one-month loaner of their Windows Phone 8x.  Surely in a month, I’d figure out how to deal with my Sprint/No Windows Phones/No way out of my contract dilemma in a month.

Evidently not.

Instead, what’s happened is, I’ve fallen madly in love with my super sleek, super slim, super light, fabulously camera-ed, beats audio-ed Windows phone.  And I don’t want to give it back.


Why do I love it?

1. The Cameras – As Ben the PC Guy says, the best camera is the one you’ll actually use.  And I LOVE that plantsWindowsPhones’ cameras are activated by the touch of a button.  No need to turn on the phone, even.  No swiping, no searching for the camera icon.  Just push, click, done.

The ultra wide front facing camera means you can get lots of people in your selfies…not just yourself.

And with an 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, you get great pictures.  I took this cool close up with mine.

2. The Screen Rocks; The 4.2 inch super lcd 2 screen looks awesome.  With more pixels per inch than the widely touted Retina display on that other phone people seem to love, which means better resolution.

The homescreen rocks, too. You can customize it a bazzillion ways.  And live tiles mean you can see what’s happening in your world in real time.  Weather, headlines, Facebook posts, phone messages.  All there.

3.  Real Microsoft:  I don’t want a program that simulates a word document, or seems just like a word document.  I want a word document.  And an excel spreadsheet, and SkyDrive.  Only WindowsPhone has that.

4. The Wow Factor:  “That’s super thin, what’s that?”  “Cool phone, what is it?”  “Whoa.  Check out that phone.”  Are but a few of the many exclamations I’ve heard over the last few weeks. It’s not often I get the chance to feel so cool.

5. Apps – So maybe this is still a slight shortcoming — no Instagram, for instance. No Pinterest, either.  But there are LOTS of great apps, too.  Read about some of the best from my friend SelfishMom.  She knows her WindowsPhones.

I love – not an app, really, but a WindowsPhone 8 feature that means you can manage all of your accounts from one place.  I can tweet and post to Facebook without opening either app.  I can see my Twitter and FB streams in one place, too.  Or separately.  Makes keeping up with it all MUCH easier.

6. Xbox – is now integrated into your phone.  You can actually play xbox games and get points on your phone that sync with your Xbox at home. Of course, all I ever do is Just Dance 4 Just Sweat…but still.  I can call up my avatar, shake the phone, and watch myself fall down.  Gotta love that.

But alas, the time has come.  I have writ my review, and so my Windows Phone 8X and I must part.

Farewell, WindowsPhone!  Hello really old Blackberry which is the only Sprint device I have in the house and I refuse to buy a different one since Sprint doesn’t have any phones I want.  So long sleek, hello clunky.  Bye Bye wow factor, hello Ow factor.

WindowsPhone 8x — I’ll miss you.


  1. lindastoria says

    OMG you are so right with this one. I have a few tiny ergonomic gripes with HTC,in general but I would never use another phone having owned one. They are, like you say, the one stop shop in a phone.

  2. says

    HTC is seriously one of the best phones when it comes to smart phones… but I would prefer Android OS than Windows.

    But I luv this one lol need to check how it is along with its features.

    Thanks for the post 🙂

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