End the Bad Weather Blues with an Endless Ocean Giveaway

I am looking out my window right now and perhaps the only word that comes to mind is “YUCK!”  Or something that rhymes with yuck, that I won’t type, this being a family-centered site and all.

But seriously — it’s not even snowing.  It’s SLUSHING.  And I don’t care if that’s a word or not.  That’s what it’s doing.  And it sucks.

Even better, is that it’s going to be slushing non-stop until tomorrow afternoon, which means that by the end of the day tomorrow, there will be about six inches of slush on the ground, just in time for the temperature to rise up into the mid-forties, making the streets even MORE disgusting.  Yay!! Nothing like NYC slush on my dog’s paws to ruin a perfectly good upholstery job.

But rather than dwell on the yuck. (I know I’ve already dwelled, but too bad, baby!) I am offering a virtual solution.  Endless Ocean: Blue World, the Wii game that makes you feel like you’re scuba diving in warm tropical waters.  It may be totally gross and frozen in the real world, but out there in Wii world, it’s endless summer.

Endless Ocean: Blue World (click this link, it’ll take you to a trailer of the game) takes the original Nintendo ocean game to the next level, “with new features and story elements that create a mesmerizing aquatic odyssey for players of any age or experience level.” (can you tell I took that last bit straight from the Press Release?)

Endless Ocean: Blue World features an original story that players can follow as they choose. The plot involves Oceana, a girl who investigates the “Song of Dragons,” which her father, a prominent ocean explorer, sought before his death. As you swim around, you advance the story and go on new undersea adventures. Plus, if you happen to have a WiiSpeak microphone and a broadband connection, you can chat with friends(as long as they also have the microphone) while you play.

Wanna win it?  Leave a comment below telling me why your winter weather stinks, and you’ll be entered.  Link back to this post and you’ll be entered again.  Please note:  If you just write: I wanna win.  Or “Thanks for the chance to win” you won’t win.  You need to make some effort, people.  In this case, it involves telling me why your winter weather sucks worse than mine.

Now for the legal mumbo jumbo: Contest open to US residents 18 and older.  Winner will be chosen at random by random.org.  Contest ends Friday, March 5th at 10pm.

Happy virtual swimming!!

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  1. Janice R says

    Waiting for the next blizzard to hit (in the next few hours). Dreaming of hearing the birds sing and seeing the flowers bloom. This winter has got to be the worst we have ever had!
    YUCK to snow!

  2. Jill L says

    Well we’ve had over 3 feet of snow in February alone and are supposed to be getting more tonight!! Would love to be out sailing somewhere in the middle of a warm ocean right now.

  3. Marci Morin says

    We got more snow in one snowstorm than we got in the previous two winters combined. Plus, I moved from NH to PA partially to get away from the awful winters… yet this winter is a typical NH winter while back in NH, they’re having a typical PA winter. =(

  4. nikki says

    Well, my winter weather is wonderful, but I will send this to my mom, who is housebound and snowed in in upstate New York. She can’t shovel her own car out, so she is just stuck! And I am 3,000 miles away.

    nik_har at yahoo dot com

  5. Carol says

    I’m in NJ. The snow has been relentless, backbreaking, and horrible. We were supposed to go on a second honeymoon to Vegas, and our flight was cancelled. Now we can’t go until summer.

    Today is day 1 of the megablizzard. My kids are home, my husband’s commute is brutal. I hate the snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Eileen Burke says

    My winter weather stinks because my kids have been cooped up forever and I can’t take it anymore!!!

  7. Sally Sundeen says

    Well as a Wisconsinite there really isn’t a winter here that doesn’t end up getting old. You start out thinking ok yay winter is here and you enjoy it, the sledding, snowmobiling, snowballs, snowmen, etc. and then comes February and you are like, “ENOUGH ALL READY” getting excited when it is 20 degrees outside just doesn’t do it for you after awhile, and winter driving is awful! 🙂 Definitely about now I wish I was down on the beach! sallyanne03@gmail.com

  8. Margaret Smith says

    Our winter weather stinks because all it seems to be doing is snowing. We’re in NJ and this morning another storm arrived and we’re expecting 2 feet of more snow over the next two days. The kids has used up all their snow days for school and now they’ll be loosing days from their spring vacation. Myself, I don’t work, I don’t get paid. So all these snow storms are killing us with not getting paid. Can’t wait for Spring!!!
    Thanks so much for this giveaway. This game sounds like fun.

  9. shannon Baas says

    This may sound funny, but we don’t have enough snow. I live in an area that normally gets a lot, and we will be having problems with forest fires this summer due to lack of snow.

  10. Vicky H. says

    In IL, even our Spring weather has a bit of Winter still involved. For the past two years, it has snowed (A LOT) on the first day of Spring.

  11. Ann F says

    Our weather has been miserable. Just been grey with wet slushy snow. The summers have been wet and humid. Yuck!

  12. Renee C says

    Our winter weather stinks because here in Georgia, all we get is cold rain and wind! So we’re stuck inside without even the fun of snowmen, snowball fights, etc. We have only had actual snow two days this year.

  13. angela says

    I fell like it will never quit snowing were going to getabout 6-12 in. tonight yuck. i wont drive in it so i been stuck in the house for most of the winter.

  14. Kelly Ann T. says

    The cold grey days depress me. Instead of snow we are getting rain and then it gets cold and it turns to freezing rain. I already wrecked the truck on the slick stuff. I’m grateful I only took out my tail light and I didn’t hit anyone else, just a small tree.

    Spring cannot get here fast enough!!!!

  15. Stephanie V. says

    rains and kids go nuts in our small town home. 3 kids in one room — use your imagination!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  16. Jaque says

    I live in the desert, so winter rarely arrives and when it does, it doesn’t stay long enough. I know everyone in the north thinks this is not a problem, but when you have 8 months of 100+ temps…ugh, I look forward to the opportunity to wear a jacket and to turning off the AC.

    Thank you. 🙂

  17. Rawson Coleman says

    I shouldn’t complain, but this has been a record setting winter in Florida. You wouldn’t believe the number of fish and turtles that have been killed.

  18. says

    Well I live in Southern CA so the only bad weather we have been having is rain and cold temperatures. We have been trying to have a yard sale last weekend but we had to cut it short due to the rain now we will have to see about this weekend expecting more rain over the weekend bummer.

  19. Roxanne Ellis Raymond says

    Well I don’t know if it sucks worse than yours, but it’s been pretty challenging, we go from 2ft of snow, to slushing, to frozen slush (my personal favorite – not!), to black ice, heavy rain and back to snow. Can’t wait for spring!

  20. Paula Hafner says

    Our weather stinks because it’s been so cold. Where we live it’s usually not this cold and we usually don’t get but maybe one snow a winter. We usually only get below freezing only a few times. This year we have gotten snow many times and it’s been below freezing a large part of the winter. Our power bill has been outrageous which also stinks.

  21. Jaime says

    It is always hard to move around in winter. I have being trying to get out on the weekends for months. It was always raining, snowing, blah blah blah. The only weekend that didn’t rain nor snow, I was suffering from a severe cold.

  22. Joseph says

    While we didnt have 18″ of snow like last year, instead we’ve had gloomly, cloudly, misty and rainy weather. I definitely cant wait until summer.

  23. Rebecca Graham says

    I live in the South and we are not used to cold weather that lasts this long. It seems like spring will never get here.

  24. Brian D. says

    It seems every time it does snow, it’s either powdery or turns to ice. It’s not been the kind of snow to have fun in. Then in a few days it all melts and leaves the streets and cars and dirty, sandy, salty mess.

  25. Karen Pochodowicz says

    My winter weather stinks because in Seattle you pretty much never see the sun all winter long. It’s depressing.

  26. says

    Can I get a Blue Ocean get-a-way?

    The kind without the Sneet (snow/sleet) Slain (sleet/rain) or FRain (Freezing Rain)?
    It’s just a thought.

    Sorry you got our mess, we dodged it this go round… 57 inches in the month of February was more than enough… it’s someone else’s… Siberia, maybe?

    Stay warm and dry

  27. says

    oh- btw- I make up words all the time!

    Maybe I should start a dictionary? You can put your words in my dictionary too!

    Have a great one!

  28. Kristi C says

    My winter weather stinks because we have had rain, rain, and even more rain. My yard is full of puddles from all the rain. The driveway has washed away. Even the dog doesn’t want to go outside.

  29. Tee M. says

    Well you heard of that sun-deprived disorder that some people experience during the winter – well I’m one who gets this (so I’ve been told by others) and I think this game would at least snap me out of the winter doldrums by playing this game whenever I feel the weight of winter upon me!

  30. Denise B. says

    I’m actually enjoying our winter. We haven’t had this much snow in years, and it’s snowing right now.

  31. Ann harmon says

    My winter sucks because it’s am endless grey mudhole out here. Last of the snow gone and now three inches back and snow til tomorrow. Yuck

  32. Constance L. says

    My winter weather now- does not stink… sorry. I did use to live in upstate NY and it sure stunk when I lived there.

  33. Suzanne K says

    My winter weather stinks because it’s COLD and I HATE being cold and it’s killing my budget to heat the house…but at least I don’t have slush!

  34. Jessica says

    I live in Wisconsin, so winter is always pretty bad, but this one has been especially horrible for me. My husband hurt his back at work, so I have taken on the shoveling responsibilities all year. I hate going out in below zero wind chills trying to clear away heavy wet snow and ice when all I really want to do is watch Project Runway and drink hot chocolate!

  35. Tari Lawson says

    We have had in excess of 80 inches of snow this winter. I am so sick of shoveling. I shoveled for over 2.5 hours yesterday alone. Ugh!

  36. Cynthia C says

    It’s been snowing and snowing and snowing. I have to fight every day to keep the driveway and sidewalks clear. UGH!

  37. Marcia Goss says

    I live in Georgia. I can’t believe how cold it has been this winter. We don’t get much snow, but we’re just not used to this much cold weather!

  38. Danilo says

    At least back home in Denver I could go out and play in the snow. Now, I live in Panama City, FL, and there’s absolutely NOTHING to do outdoors during the winter!

  39. Mary Casper says

    We dont usually have a lot of snow here inb Tennessee htat is one of the reasons why we moved here from M ichigan but this year has been different it was warmer in Michigan when I was there a few weeks ago

  40. Deborah Wellenstein says

    We live in the middle of the country, and right now, it’s supposed to be WARMER! Winter just doesn’t want to let go!

  41. Ann harmon says

    This winter in the Hamptons sucks because my toad is a mud hole because of all the rain and snow. Yuck Snd I want yo win.

  42. says

    Our winter weather stinks because the snow hasn’t been melting before we get a another round of it. I can’t claim that our winter has been the worst in the country though. New England has gotten it much worse than we have so I guess I should count my blessings!

  43. Heidi B. says

    Our winter weather stinks here in VA because the kids are cooped up inside and they are driving me crazy…to include the oldest child….better known as my husband!!! The kids get bored easily and love playing outside to pass the time. When the weather is nice, the only time they come inside is to use the bathroom and drink some water. That is heaven for them….and me!! It’s probably the only time I can catch up on my DVR without constant interruption!!! I do like sitting outside and watching them too! They are always the happiest when the weather is nice. And when daylight savings time begins, it’s like a party at our home!!!! Thanks for the giveaway. It’s awesome.

  44. Janette says

    Winter’s usually not too bad here, but this winter it snowed way more than usual. It’s march and it’s supposed to snow tomorrow night!

  45. Jenn S. says

    Our winter weather stinks because it is supposed to be a lot warmer, this is the coldest we winter in awhile. I am ready for spring.

  46. Annette E says

    I live in the Phoenix area, so I can’t complain about our weather because it has been wonderful.

  47. ky2here says

    My winter weather stinks because we don’t see sunlight for weeks at a time. Below freezing temperatures and permaclouds. Uggghhh.

  48. Melissa M. says

    I live in Florida and it has been the coldest weather we’ve had in a long time. No snow and no beach either 🙁

  49. kim e says

    I live in So. California and normally we have mild winters. This year, however, we have had too much rain. I am tired of the rain.

  50. Jodene Gildea says

    I live in NJ – worse snow we’ve had in years – I need to move! Then to top it off my husband cleaned off my new car with a shovel and needless to say it now needs a paint job! If it snows again I think I’ll scream!

  51. Shelley Mitchell says

    Our winter actually (MI) hasn’t been that bad this year. Just a couple of big snows!! I’m still looking forward to spring and summer though!

  52. Austin Owens says

    We got a foot of snow on the ground, and i live at an apartment complex where there isnt even covered parking. I have been having to car pool to work because my car cant make it. it stinks!

  53. rose waterston says

    My winter weather is awesome – maybe you need to stop complaining and just move south (or west).

  54. Dave says

    I am all for a white Christmas, but by two weeks later I am ready for spring. Snow may be pretty when it first falls and covers everything in a gentle, white blanket, but it soon turns to brown mush and makes driving and walking very difficult. A good time to stay indoors and play Endless Ocean on the Wii. Thank you for the chance to win.

  55. molomatic says

    I live in Oregon where it rains ALL winter. If it’s not raining, it’s still grey outside. I need to take a trip to Mexico! 🙂

  56. Ken Robinson says

    My bicycle was stolen and I’m snowed in. I’ve got cabin fever. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  57. Mary Ward says

    I live in California so I cannot complain like many on the east coast really can. We have had quite a bit of rain though and running a daycare, it makes me look for many ways to placate antsy children. That hasn’t been fun!

  58. says

    Our Oregon winter weather stinks this year because it was too warm. We didn’t have any snow to speak of and I miss it.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  59. Heather Fawcett says

    Well I live in the south and the weather has been up and down lately. It actually snowed 3+ inches here a few weeks ago. We have not seen snow since 1989. I am very tired of cold winter weather and ready for spring.

  60. Jill Myrick says

    This has been our worst winter in over fifteen years.
    It seems that it has snowed every week with the exception of two weeks. And not just a little snow but twelve to eighteen inches of snow that stays around for several weeks at a time.
    So I am really looking forward to spring 🙂

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  61. Marc says

    I actually prefer winter over summer but the one thing I hate is piles of snow that have gone black due to the pollution in the air…just plain winter yucky!

  62. Jennifer M says

    My winter weather stinks because I don’t even get snow. We get ugly, icky rain.

  63. Steph says

    My winter weather stinks because I live in Northern MN and everyday is the same. Snow, cold, grey and depressing. I have to chuckle at the NY and DC folks who think they have it tough….seriously….really? A few storms is nothing, shovel and move on people. A month in Northern MN will cure you of your complaining. On the bright side it hit 30 degrees today so I broke out the shorts. Yea! for almost Spring weather.

  64. Laura P. says

    We had two big snowstorms with only a day or two between them. Thankfully, we didn’t get quite the accumulation here they were expecting but it was still pretty bad. I had to reschedule things including a job interview because they wait to plow our area at the last minute so there was a couple inches of snow and ice on the road. I know some people had it worse but it was still no picnic.

  65. Erica C. says

    Well we just had three snow storms here, one being a blizzard…so I can definitely say it’s been awful here lately! Today, it is rather nice though…not too terribly cold and the sun is out.

  66. Jason says

    I would really love this, but I cant really slam Winter. I know it sucks this year for the people on the East Coast, but here in Minnesota, I love it. The only part I don’t like is driving in the snow in heavy traffic. But, I love huge snowfalls, I love when it is so cold out in January (-30 with windchill is a good one) that when you walk out side it kinda slaps you in the face. I love making snowmen, going Ice Fishing, Snowboarding, Skiing, Snow Angels, Fireworks in the snow, and writing my name (Hahahaha). Plus, it really makes you appreciate the Spring. My second favorite season.

    I hope my loving Winter doesn’t disqualify me!


  67. Kim Benton says

    It started snowing in Kansas City on Christmas Eve and there has been snow on the ground every day since. As soon as some melts more comes…this has been the worst winter in a long time. I bought planting materials last week…so ready for Spring. Thanks so much for the offer.

  68. John says

    You think your winter stinks .. it snowed so many times i can’t even stand it anymore. I shovel once, more snow comes. I shovel twice, more snow comes. I shovel three times…and guess what happens. Best part didnt even come yet. The snow ruined my lawn and it made my neighbors garage collapse. Guess who had to help clean that up.. 🙁

  69. Molly K says

    My winter stinks because it is still cold and we have a ton of snow on the ground. I think it will take until June for all of it to melt.

  70. denyse says

    We had so much snow that our school year is now almost till the end of June and that sucks!

  71. damon says

    My winter sucks because I have to travel for work and it’s tacked on tons of commuting hours that I don’t get paid for.

  72. Austin says

    Well we’ve had over 3 feet of snow in February alone and are supposed to be getting more tonight!! Would love to be out sailing somewhere in the middle of a warm ocean right now, I can’t wait to hear the birds singing and everthing blooming! I don’t like winter at all, cars get stuck, Plans cancel(dates, job interviews, meetings, friends ect.), and NO NATURE! It canceled a bunch of my plans as well. Like Seventy-Seven of them! Also, my school never has snow days and Me and my little brother are so bored. I’m entering this because he wants this game a lot, but our family doesn’t have enough money for it, so it stinks. The only games that we have are WII Sports and WII Play and only one wii remote and no nunchucks.(We got everything used)

  73. Austin says

    Well we’ve had over 3 feet of snow in February alone and are supposed to be getting more tonight!! Would love to be out sailing somewhere in the middle of a warm ocean right now, I can’t wait to hear the birds singing and everthing blooming! I don’t like winter at all, cars get stuck, Plans cancel(dates, job interviews, meetings, friends ect.), and NO NATURE! It canceled a bunch of my plans as well. Like Seventy-Seven of them! Also, my school never has snow days and Me and my little brother are so bored. I’m entering this because he wants this game a lot, but our family doesn’t have enough money for it, so it stinks. The only games that we have are WII Sports and WII Play and only one wii remote and no nunchucks.(We got everything used)

  74. Juliek says

    We’ve had our share of snow, but we have had a huge amount of rain the last few weeks and the ground is all mushy and gross. My dog hates the cold so it is a chore to get him to go outside, too. Thanks!

  75. Austin(19) says

    Well we’ve had over 4 feet of snow in February alone and are supposed to be getting more tonight!! Would love to be out sailing somewhere in the middle of a warm ocean right now, I can’t wait to hear the birds singing and everthing blooming! I don’t like winter at all, cars get stuck, Plans cancel(dates, job interviews, meetings, friends ect.), and NO NATURE! It canceled a bunch of my plans as well. Like Seventy-Seven of them! Also, my school never has snow days and Me and my little brother are so bored. I’m entering this because he wants this game a lot, but our family doesn’t have enough money for it, so it stinks. The only games that we have are WII Sports and WII Play and only one wii remote and no nunchucks.(We got everything used)

    My Mother’s job interview got cancled, my dad is sick and has to stay home from work… The furnace “broke” and it was like that for a couple of weeks and turned back on 4 days ago. While I(19) have to take care of him while my brother(6) has to go to school.

    Winter Sucks!

  76. says

    Our winter weather stinks because its not sure if it wants cold or warm snow or rain. And in the process we are getting a lot of mud. Eww

  77. shawna says

    We live in South Dakota near the mountains so we get tons of snow and then we get bad fog and freezing rain..yeah the winters can be a bugger here!

  78. Cristi says

    In the wonderful state of Wyoming we may only get 3 inches of snow(we live 30 miles out in the country) and the wind picks up and we can be snowed in from anywhere of 1 day to a week or more. I have two kids 3 and 10. Anything to keep them occupied while we are snowed in is great!

  79. Ani says

    We were stuck with 2 1/2 feet of snow & then got another foot on top of that. Missing work means no pay for my hubby, so that stunk.

  80. Trina says

    Not to make you jealous, but this has been one of the mildest winters we have had in a number of years. I live in Seattle and our daffodils are starting to bloom already. But since I am a skier this winter has stunk because we havenlt had good enough snow.

  81. says

    I am supposed to live in the desert, but we have had lots of snow this year. And it keeps going from warm (today was in the 70s) to freezing (8 inches of snow last week). And I miss the ocean. We moved from California 6 1/2 years ago.

  82. Angela Winesburg says

    We had Snowmagedan this winter, I could have done without that… thanks for the chance!

  83. Carla Pullum says

    The rain and wind keep knocking down my fence! Winter weather is beating my yard up!

  84. Trisha says

    the kids want to play in the snow, but get a cold afterwards no matter how much they bundle. it never fails.

  85. Paula Harmon says

    I have 4 kids ages 15, 12, 8, and 4 and we have been stuck inside our small home all winter. We haven’t even had a decent snow storm until a few weeks ago. It’s been so bitterly cold, there has been NO outside play! We are lucky to have a wii, but we need to add more games to our less than impressive collection!

  86. Rosey says

    Winter weather sucks because you cannot even get in your car to go anywhere without having to bundle up, get the car running and warmed up, scrape the windows, and sometimes even shovel to get out. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

  87. Tricia Andrews says

    My daughter has been tracked out of year round school for the past three and a half weeks. With the snow/ice/freezing rain is makes it impossible to go do fun things when everthing is shut down or delayed openings.

    The first week of February she was out of school for three days, they are being made up in half day Saturday school fashion. She went Sat. Feb. 6th and will go Sat. May 1 and Sat. May 8. So the day before Mother’s day. We can’t go away for a special weekend now.

    So the snow and crappy weather has affected us not only now but in two months time!

  88. says

    I dont know if this is fair, but we don’t really HAVE winter weather. My family moved to AZ several years ago from the north east part of the country.

    As sad as it is, I miss the winter weather. 🙁

  89. Terry C says

    We’ve had the coldest and snowiest winter in years and I’m ready for spring! Time to get out of the house!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  90. Amanda S. says

    I live in the Seattle area, and actually, we haven’t had any winter weather! I guess my kids would say it stinks that it hasn’t snowed here. Spring has sprung in WA! 🙂

  91. Sarah D. says

    Rochester NY has two seasons – winter and construction. There are far too many gray winter days around here!

  92. Lisa G. says

    My winter weather stinks this year because it’s been all rain instead of the usual snow and I love snow!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  93. Patricia Hill says

    Here in TX the winters are not usually rough. But, This year we have had more snow than ever before. I don’t like cold so this is as far north as I am going. It has also rained every week. The experts say that the wild flower season will be great so that is a plus. Everything else is a minus.

  94. R Hicks says

    Our winter weather stinks this year because it has kept me cooped up in the house well more than for a normal winter. Where oh where is spring???

  95. Justine says

    My winter weather stinks cause I live in Washington state, nuf said! Seriously it’s a lot of rain and then a lot more rain and then some rain 🙁 I want sun! I went to Florida a couple of times and cried each time I had to leave 🙁 I can’t wait for summer!

  96. Valeen N says

    I hope I still qualify for this contest! In actuality my winter is wonderful (I live in Arizona). It’s my summers that are brutal!

  97. Betty C says

    Snow, freezing rain, more snow, now it’s ugly brown snow. Snow plows have piled it so high you can’t see around the corner – accidents waiting to happen.
    When will spring ever arrive?

  98. Veronica Garrett says

    My winter weather stinks because I have to go out in it to work,. The roads are terrible and it’s cold, sometimes rainy.

  99. says

    My winter weather stinks because I live in the south and we don’t usually get as much snow as we’ve had. We weren’t prepared for it! Kids loved it but I didn’t!

  100. Michael T says

    It snowed in March already in mid Georgia! Thats late normally we get 1 snow per year and this is the 3rd. It slows down business for the landscaping company I work for. 🙁

  101. Sand says

    We don’t have much of a winter here in Texas but when it gets cold, it gets really cold! To the point where I can’t warm up.

  102. Angie P says

    My weather stinks because it’s so dreary in the winter. The snow looks pretty at first, but it turns ugly pretty quickly! 🙂
    Everything is gray and colorless and blah in the winter.