Great Bar and Bat Mitzvah Gifts at Every Price

Bar Mitzvah season is upon me.  And I must admit, I usually just write a check.  But gifts can be nice, too.  Especially when they’re one of these: fun, cool, unique, and at every price point.

bar mitzvah 2

An entire classic novel in poster form.    Plus, they make posters out of celebrity twitter feeds.  Super original and cool.

A KeyChain to commemorate their special day.

Lego Mindstorms — because “now you’re an adult aside, big kids still wanna play.

for boys and girls

Give the Gift of COOL. With a SONY Android Watch.

A bit unusual, true.  But how cool is a felt clock in their choice of color and city?

Jams wireless bluetooth speakers.  Great sound, nifty little package, lots of cool colors.

bar mitzvah 3

It’s boom box, it’s a pillow, it’s both! MP3 speaker in pillow form. So cool.

Send a box of cupcakes every month.  I repeat: A Box of Cupcakes every month.  Yum.

So maybe they won’t appreciate an Atlas right now. They’ll use this National Geographic Atlas for years and appreciate it later.

bat mitzvah

This Etsy site, Twisted Designs, has great gifts so well priced, you can buy the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Totally personalize-able stationary. And they have “boy” styles, too.

An eco-friendly earring tree.  Because she’s going to be getting LOTS of earrings.

bar mitzvah 4

Talk about personal!  Send a photo and a description of the Bar or Bar Mitzvah child to I Am A Stuffed, and get a stuffed animal of the child to give!

ROKU.  Because what parent wouldn’t be thrilled if you gave their child as easier, sleeker way to stream video, TV, and music?

InstaWatch – they’re all on InstaGram.  Make it less insta with a watch made from their favorite Instagram shot.


Give this Polaroid camera before the party.  Then watch as the kids take photos, and – using the sticky backed paper – plaster them all over the party room.

What to do with all of those photos you take on your phone?  Print them using this.

They’re USB drives!  So cute.

And my favorite: - Give the gift of giving with a gift card to the charity of their choice!Give the gift of giving, with this online charitable site that lets you buy a gift card in the amount of your choice, and then lets the giftee choose which charity to which they want to donate. Meaningful and lovely.

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