Sears Stinks a little Less!: The Saga of the Dryer, Part Deux

Ok.  We’re heading into week SEVEN without a dryer.  And here’s the Sears Service Update.  Turns out the Sears people actually have an entire division devoted to solving the problems that people blog about.  Really!

So I now have my own personal account person, Tammy, handling my – ummmm – extreme pain in the ass problem.

The good news:  This Tammy person is really on it.  Calling me.  Finagling appointments when the local service center said they didn’t have any.  And the guys showed up.  Two of them.  They spent 90 minutes taking aparty my dryer.  And guess what:  time for the bad news:  Sears ordered the wrong part AGAIN.

Bottom line?  I still don’ t have a dryer, who knows how long it will take.  But the Sears people are TRYING at least.  And Tammy is actually coherent and intelligent, and is doing her best.

Could I ask for more?  Sure.  I could ask for them to ORDER THE RIGHT PART THIS TIME. (Third times a charm, right?) But at least I’m not lost in the automated phone-help abyss anymore.  All I really wanted was for them to LISTEN.  Well, maybe I wanted more, but that matters, right?  And she’s listening.  It was nice for someone to actually APOLOGIZE this time for having ordered the wrong part. (Not that she ordered it, but, you know, speaking for Sears)

Now if only Tammy could miraculously make my laundry dry by itself, all would be right with the world.  Or at least with my laundry.


  1. says

    I knew there was someone at SEARS who would know what they are doing… I mean it is a big company so there had to be at least one person with it going on!

    And your very own account person… WooHoo!

    Too bad Sears can’t help me with my mortgage company problem… telephone abyss, phone messages I leave never returned, being passed from department to department only to be disconnected after an hour or more of phone relay… I think it is an olympic event for EMC/Chase!

    But soon you will have dryer dried laundry- towels will be fluffy, jeans will be supple, t-shirts will be soft and comfy…

    Hang in there! It’s a coming…:)

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