Why DELL Sucks

Part of my fabulous Mexico vacation was not so fabulous: An entire glass of water spilled on my laptop, and now it is no longer. 

I’ve always had Dells (so sue me, I’m cheap) and so went on line to order a new one.  The Dell representative I spoke to, Jamie Norman, told me I couldn’t order the less expensive Studio version, because she couldn’t guarantee shipment by Friday. (Today) So I spent more, (about 12% more) to get the snazzy new XPS 1330 which she SWORE would be here by Friday, which is today, which it isn’t. It won’t get here until Wednesday.  Which wouldn’t be SO bad, except that I told Miss Jamie that I leave for a business meeting in Silicon Valley on Monday. 

Hmmmm. Business meeting in the tech capital of the world, with a new tech company/new client and NO LAPTOP.

After 45 minutes on hold and talking to pretty much every service rep in Southeast Asia, I have no help, no answer.  Only a trip to Best Buy to get another computer will help me.  Which I guess is better anyway, since clearly, Dell does not know the meaning of the word customer service. And who wants a computer from a company like that?

Dell: you stink.


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    Ugh that is terrible. But stay on the positive and wow em at your meeting. Be creative as I am sure you can that is what Silicon Valley is all about the innovation. You will do just fine. My kids Dell just crashed on him about a week ago. What they don’t realize is that it’s not only about the purchase but the service after that is where it really counts.

    Now with your blog you have told the world about your experience and well just to say not good publicity for them. Companies should realize that the net and the blogsphere is really powerful and it is in their best interest to do all they can for customers.

    Good luck would love to hear how your meeting went!

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