Are you Virtually Rude?: Social Media Etiquette

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, you are also on Twitter, or Facebook, or linked in, or all three…and more.

And chances are, in your real life, you are a perfectly polite person.  You say please and thank you.  You don’t read other people’s mail.  Or call them out in public.  Or publish their private notes to you. And most people you know IRL behave the same way.

But chances also are, that you have been treated a little bit less than civilly in the social media world.  Your tweets have been ignored, or you’ve #followFriday-ed someone on Twitter who didn’t follow you back. Maybe someone posted something about you – or worse, a photo of you – on Facebook, that you’d rather they hadn’t.  Something they would never think to plaster on telephone poles all around your town.

But what’s rude IRL, might not be in social media.  The thing is, how do you know?

I can’t answer that, but I can send you over to The Blogging Angels (i.e. me and some blogger friends) for our weekly podcast, where we discuss social media etiquette.  Mind your #ffs and IMs!

To hear all about it: Click on the Blogging Angels logo below!


  1. says

    Oh I love you girls.. I have your podcasts stored on my iPod. I for one try to be polite offline and online. I hope the people I meet and know agree 😉

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