No Judgement Day: Blogging Angels and Redbook Magazine Twitter Party

We all know how hard it sometimes is to be a parent.  Your kids get whiny.  You get whiny.  You do things you never thought you’d do.  And half the time, some other mother calls you on it.


Well Redbook Magazine knows all about it.  And that’s what they’ve decided that November 30th is No Judgement Day. For every mother who is doing the best she can (and yes, that’s all of us), they’re starting a movement to banish all mom-on-mom criticism and get women to start supporting each other.

You can join the conversation by tweeting @RedbookMag  and @bloggingangels your #dontjudgemebecause moment.

For me, it’s #dontjudgemebecause I dread soccer games more than visits to the dentist.

Then, you can join me with the other Blogging Angels and Redbook for a Twitter Party this Wednesday, November 30th at 1pm eastern, to share what makes you feel judged, what you’re not going to be ashamed of any longer (parenting wise, that is), and feel the love of other non-judgey moms in cyberspace.  You can even add the NoJudgement Twibbon (like a ribbon for your Twitter Avatar) showing your own non-judgey support of the cause!

And there will be a Facebook Giveaway from Redbook!

See you at the Twitter Party Wednesday at 1pm est/10 pst — use hashtag #Don’tJudgeMeBecause


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