What I Learned at #SheStreams 2013

In the better late than never category comes this post, about what I learned at BSM Media’s She Streams conference in NYC.  The conference, now in it’s fourth (I’m pretty sure) year, is all about getting beyond the written word in the social media space, and about empowering women bloggers to take their blog up to the next  level: video, audio, podcasting, and more.

Here’s what I learned:

1. You can hear two COMPLETELY different keynote speakers, with two COMPLETELY different messages and points of view, and learn a lot from both of them.

Tory Johnson, TV Personality, entrepreneur, and author of the new book The Shift, spoke mostly about monetization.  “Are you making money,’ she asked, “Or just moving it around?”  She talked about not being afraid to ask for what you’re worth, about making sure you make five calls by five PM every day – talking to five people (not just trying to.)  She was all energy, all “go for it,” all “You can do it!”

On the other end of the spectrum was Brad Montague, creator of the truly fantastic web series Kid President, which features his brother in law, nine year old Robby – aka Kid President.  Brad didn’t mention money once.  He talked about using the internet to be a force of good.  About using your social media influence to do something important — and not just play Candy Crush.  He’s sent Kid President to the White House! (The real one) And he’s making a real difference.

He was  self deprecating, low key, and absolutely inspiring in a completely different way from Tory Johnson.  And I think everyone in that room fell in love with him just a little bit.  If you don’t already know Kid President, you really should.  Check him out here — and share share share!

2. The best swag from an event is a great make up job.

When Maria Bailey, founder of the conference, asked for a volunteer to get a make-up makeover, I shot my hand in the air right quick.  And boy, was I glad I did.  Professional make-up artist Elizabeth Fried told us the cardinal rules of make up for camera: NO GLITTER.  Everything matte.  Use primer. Mascara your bottom lashes first, with waterproof mascara, so you don’t get mascara from your top lashes all over your face while you’re putting the bottom mascara on!  But the bottom line of her advice was: Even if you are shooting a video for your personal blog in your living room, you should look professional and look your best.

And as for what she did for me?  I never looked better.

4. Get the right equipment.

Amy Oztan, of Selfish Mom and Adam Cohen from Dada Rocks talked about the incredible array of tools available to make your video, audio, and pictures better.  But rather than listing them here,  I’ll send you over to Amy’s list of essentials.  it’s pretty awesome.

5.  And this, from Maria Bailey, the best advice for bloggers — though really it could be modified for anyone in any business – I’ve heard in a long time:  Stop worrying that people doing sponsored blog posts, or becoming blog ambassadors for no money are decreasing the value of your work.  Instead, think about how to make your work more valuable.

Words for live by.



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