Barcelona Day 4: On the Road to Girona


Day four began with packing up.  We are leaving Barcelona.  We will have missed a lot of sights.  The museum of modern art, the natural history museum, the Monastery at Monserrat.  So on our last morning before heading out to the countryside, we decide to head to the Foundacio Joan Miro. Our Continue Reading

Barcelona: Day 3


Discovering a new place on a bike makes that place feel more alive.  There’s something about pedaling along the streets, in the heart of traffic, on the too-narrow-for-cars Medieval streets, across a park filled with playing school children  - that makes you feel more a part of things.  You’re not Continue Reading

Barcelona: Day Two


Late start.  Very late start.  But that's why they call it vacation, right? After our late start, we walked.  And walked.  And walked. We hit La Rambla, which is tourist central - but that's what we are - tourists.  Plus, there are some sites to see along the way. Like the Boqueria - or Market.  Continue Reading

Barcelona: Day One

Barcelona day 1

There is no one complaining about yet another museum.  No one who needs to go to a restaurant where there is plain pasta with butter. No reason whatsoever to go to the children’s museum. My husband  and I are in Barcelona without the kids. After  a mercifully quick flight On Delta which featured Continue Reading