How My Dog Convinced me to Get Botox

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or How my dog drove me to get Botox.   In past years having my period at work meant I regularly employed the old tampon up your sleeve on the way to the rest room routine. But of late I take a different tack. In my dotage, I march towards the restroom twirling my tampon like a baton. Continue Reading

My 20 Year Quest to Lose the Same Ten Pounds

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Yup.  The title of this post is my tagline.  And sadly, it's now become 15 pounds. Although when I wrote that tagline I probably only needed to lose seven, but the line sounded funnier with ten. Now -- not so funny. I've written about how I'm going to accept that I'm never going to accept my body. Continue Reading

Size Matters

Lately, my eight daughter has been obsessed with her size.  She has been weighing herself constantly - with her clothes on, without her clothes on, before a meal, after a meal.  She's been reporting her weight to the tenth of a pound several times a day.  "I weigh 56.2!"  "Now it says 54.9!"  It's Continue Reading