GodSpell On Broadway: Review


Like lots of kids in my generation, I grew up listening to the songs of Godspell.  Even all these years later, I remember just about every word to every song.  But until last week, I hadn't ever seen the show. Godspell first appeared on stage in 1971 at a time when churches were losing people Continue Reading

War Horse: Can you take the Kids

Image from BroadwayWorld.com

On average, I'd say my husband and I go to the theatre about 15 times a year -- maybe even a bit more. Our kids?  Not so much.  A lot of the time, New York productions skew either too old (inappropriate) or too young (can you help the Princess find her way home? Clap three times everyone!).  We do Continue Reading

Why Disney on Broadway…isn’t

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The new commercials say it all: 55 million people have seen Disney's The Lion King on Broadway. And as of Saturday night, my daughter is one of them. (I had already seen it.  This was my second torture time.) Want to know what my 10 year old daughter thought? "It's beautiful!  I love the puppets Continue Reading