CES: The Best Worst Week

LG door in door French Door Fridge

That's what Ben (The PC Guy) Rudolph (looking skinnier than ever) calls CES, the 150,000 person, 8 football fields big Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas every year. I also heard someone call it The Consumer Exhaustion Show. I agree with both.  Although the "best week" part can be hard to Continue Reading

CES: A Woman Techie’s Survival Guide

Yes, this woman was working the floor last year.

Like a lot of techies, techie wanabees, and social media junkies who just got sucked into it, I'm headed to CES this week. Unlike a lot of techies, I'm dreading it.  But I've developed a few survival skills.  So here they are -   - especially for women. Hope they help. 1. Wear comfortable shoes. I Continue Reading

CES: A Non-Techie’s Take

There are lots of people out there way more qualified than I out there to talk about the latest and greatest in tech debuted at CES. So intead, I'm going to talk about Las Vegas: land of  short skirts and sparkly tops. Land where a big giant row of slot machines is staring you in the face the Continue Reading

Day One at CES: From Hookers to High Def

It’s my first time ever in Las Vegas. And mostly, all I’ve seen is the inside of the convention center. But I’ve also seen all sorts of Vegas-y things, like hookers, and porn stars, and a faux Arc de Triomphe. I know this is a tech show and all.  And I know you probably want to hear all about the Continue Reading

Microsoft Windows is Sending me to Las Vegas!

As I write this, I am on a plane on my way to CES – The Consumer Electronics Show. CES is the worlds largest tech show , and I know what you’re thinking: What the hell am I doing going to a tech show? Well, see that little link to the right?  The one that says Blogging Angels?  That’s why I’m Continue Reading