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Alvin and the Chipmunks: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Holidays are upon us.  Which means it’s time for endless good cheer, open minds, generous hearts and the spirit of…oh, who am I kidding?

The Holidays are when the cynical New Yorker in me grumbles about the hoards of tourists, when the Jew in me feels distinctly left out, and when the only spirit I feel at the end of the day is the 80 proof one keeping me sane through the onslaught.

What’s my problem with the Holiday Season?  Herewith, the top five. (more…)

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It’s the Hannukah Season.  What?  You haven’t seen the decorations everywhere?  Heard the incessant Hannukah music on the radio? Shopped the Hannukah Sales?

Yeah. Me neither.

No one thinks about Hannukah.  No one talks about it or sings about it, or makes claymation shows about it. (although these Yeshiva U. guys did make a great video about it.) And all that lack of attention to Hannukah makes my kids feel like outcasts.

Think about it, there are no songs about Hannukah being the most wonderful time of the year, no movies about mean people becoming nice when they find the Hannukah spirit, no jolly old men (old Jewish men aren’t -  by genetic predisposition -jolly) in bright red suits.  And, of course, no tree. We’ve got a candelabra.   Oooh!

My daughter, especially, complains every year throughout “the holiday season” (who are they kidding?  they mean CHRISTMAS season) that “nobody cares.”  And I can see her point. Every commercial talks about Christmas Shopping, every store window has Christmas decorations, every time you turn around it’s Christmas this and Christmas that.  There’s the token “Happy Hannukah” or the generic and meaningless “Happy Holidays” tossed in there too, but let’s face it: Christmas Rules;  Hannukah drips wax on your table. (more…)

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cg6b5Santa Claus isn’t Jewish.

That was my daughter the other day, explaining to her friend why, though she believes in Santa, he isn’t coming to our house this, or any other, year.

Well, can’t say she’s wrong, can I?

I was relieved to hear her give her friend such a casual explanation, because I’ve been wondering how my kids feel about the fact that Santa doesn’t come to visit us.  Even in New York, which feels like a Jewish town, it can make you feel a bit left out.

There have been quite a lot of posts floating around lately about how the spirit of Christmas has been watered down by the whole Happy Holidays phenomenon.  Say again?

Since Thanksgiving – hell, since Halloween!!!, every store, every streetlamp, every …everything, it seems, has been festooned with Christmas paraphernalia.  And the music.  Endless loops of Frosty the Snow Man, and Baby it’s Cold Outside.  Not that I’m complaining. (Well, maybe about the music) I realize that Jews make up less than 1.8% of the US Population and I don’t remotely expect equal time. In fact, I kind of like the decorations — they’re festive and twinkly, and make even the dingy bodega on the corner look sparkly and happy.  It’s just that I don’t buy that people who do celebrate Christmas are somehow being pushed out of the mainstream.  (more…)

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