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Me with the cast of Monsters University!I have never been a crazy Disney enthusiast.  I like Disney.  When I was 9, I went to Disney World for the first time and had a blast.  But then I didn’t go again until I my own kids were school aged, some thirty years later.  Don’t get me wrong – I love the classic movies.  I’ve seen Dumbo, and Cinderella, and even Beauty and the Beast a bazillion times.  I smile every time I see a little girl walking down Broadway in her princess costume. But I’m not one to wear Disney logos on my clothing, or purse, or jewelry. I’m not one to go to Disney without my kids.

I have friends (are you listening Ellen Gerstein?) who seem totally normal, smart, and respectable, and then step foot on Disney soil and become, well, a little bit crazy. Like they’ve drunk the Disney Kool Aid. Friends who (not to call out Ellen again, but…) know whether it’s best to turn right or left as you enter a ride for primary seating, who know precisely where to stand at a Disney parade, who have a closet full of Mouse Ears – each customized for various holidays and occasions – and who aren’t afraid to wear them.  And I’ve never really understood that part of  those friends.

Until now.  Because recently, I’ve taken a few sips of that Kool Aid myself. (more…)

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2012-10-23 16.41.36The New Fantasyland, part of  the largest expansion in Disney’s 40 year history, and the most popular land in the most popular park in the most popular theme park in the world is – in a word – spectacular. It doesn’t open until December 6th, but I got a sneak preview of Disney’s latest piece of magic.

Enter the New Fantasyland through the old castle walls – a hint at the history inside. The Beast’s Castle – visible from a distance, but accessible inside – looms high on a hill.

“We are always working on different levels” explained Imagineer Diego Parras,“We create experiences for parents, children and grandparents – for everyone -  to enjoy together.”

But The New Fantasyland has added another dimension to that multi-level thinking: 2012-10-23 16.35.53 the physical one.  (more…)

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