Wii’s Animal Crossing and Me

Here's what was happening in my professional (if unpaid) life last week:  I was invited to a media preview of the hot new Wii Game, Animal Crossing: City Folk.  At the party,  the game was there, and in the spirit of the game, in which you create and can change your Mii to suit your mood, and live a Continue Reading

Lovin’ Leap Frog

I went for the swag. The holidays are coming, the economy is tanking, and Leap Frog sent me a (no obligations)invitation to a party offering free stuff,(I love swag) and free food (I love to eat)  at the Four Seasons Hotel!  Hello! I'm going. See, I have been raising a couple of Luddites. My kids Continue Reading

Middle Ages

"Mommy! You're Middle Aged!" screamed my daughter for no apparent reason. There I was, enjoying a perfectly fine day when suddenly: "mommy.....you're MIDDLE AGED." WTF? Turns out, my daughter, bless her firm little buttocks, was simply reading from a Leap Frog book about the Human Body.  And Continue Reading