Windows Phone Giveaway

While I have LONG been a Windows Phone girl, I am still in possession of only the lowliest Windows Phone - an ancient HTC Model - but what I covet is the HTC Windows Phone 8X.  It’s HTC’s first Windows 8 phone, and it's already been crowned by reviewers as the best one ever. We're giving one away Continue Reading

Windows Phone 7.5: I think I love you

Windows Phone 7.5 .  What can I say.  I never thought I would love a phone as much as my dear departed Palm, but I love the Windows Phone, and I love that people are finally realizing the extent of its awesomeness. See, I am Queen of the Tech nobody else uses.  I had a Prodigy account, for God Continue Reading

Avatar Kinect: How Cool is that?

A few weeks ago, the people over at Microsoft emailed me with a question: would I like to try out some new technology. Ummmm. Yes.  They weren't really asking me, but me as one of the co-hosts of the Blogging Angels, a weekly podcast about social media and tech for women.  And over on that site,  Continue Reading

Day One at CES: From Hookers to High Def

It’s my first time ever in Las Vegas. And mostly, all I’ve seen is the inside of the convention center. But I’ve also seen all sorts of Vegas-y things, like hookers, and porn stars, and a faux Arc de Triomphe. I know this is a tech show and all.  And I know you probably want to hear all about the Continue Reading

Microsoft Windows is Sending me to Las Vegas!

As I write this, I am on a plane on my way to CES – The Consumer Electronics Show. CES is the worlds largest tech show , and I know what you’re thinking: What the hell am I doing going to a tech show? Well, see that little link to the right?  The one that says Blogging Angels?  That’s why I’m Continue Reading