My 20 Year Quest to Lose the Same Ten Pounds

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Yup.  The title of this post is my tagline.  And sadly, it's now become 15 pounds. Although when I wrote that tagline I probably only needed to lose seven, but the line sounded funnier with ten. Now -- not so funny. I've written about how I'm going to accept that I'm never going to accept my body. Continue Reading

How Blogging Makes You Beautiful

The First Annual Swaggy Awards

Blogging makes you beautiful in so many ways: you get deeper through your self expression, you get more compassionate through blogging for a cause. Your inner self shines...ah, who am I kidding?   Blogging makes you more beautiful because you get a free beauty products. Of course, if the number of Continue Reading

Swagging for Good

I LOVE swag.  Who doesn't?  It's free. It's usually fun. And did I mention it's free? But I wonder if I've let it get out of control. I know, I know.  This coming from a woman who gave away a GINORMOUS swag bag at the KidzVuz event we held with The Big Toy Book at BlogHer 11 last weekend in San Continue Reading