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Yup.  The title of this post is my tagline.  And sadly, it’s now become 15 pounds. Although when I wrote that tagline I probably only needed to lose seven, but the line sounded funnier with ten.

Now — not so funny.

I’ve written about how I’m going to accept that I’m never going to accept my body. I’ve talked about how important it is that my daughter not worry about her weight.

And yet I worry.

I worry that I’m looking old and spotted.  That my neck is crepey.  I worry that I’ve put on a few.  I hate my thighs. I loathe my back fat.

So why aren’t I doing more about it? (more…)

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I’m sure that the new GUM Star Wars toothbrush – the one that lights up like a lightsaber and flashes for one minute  – (the length of time you should brush upper teeth, with another minute for the lowers) was intended for little kids.  But my nearly twelve year old son loves the thing.  His father does, too.  But that’s another story.

The cool new toothbrushes from GUM come as electric rotary brushes in the shape of Star Wars characters, as the light-up lightsabers, and as character brushes featuring Yoda, Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vadar and more.  And if they might help him brush – forget longer — how about brush at all – I’m all for ‘em.

Plus, I love their video:

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The First Annual Swaggy Awards

Blogging makes you beautiful in so many ways: you get deeper through your self expression, you get more compassionate through blogging for a cause. Your inner self shines…ah, who am I kidding?   Blogging makes you more beautiful because you get a free beauty products. Of course, if the number of free beauty you got made you beautiful, I’d be Gwyneth Paltrow by now.  But every little bit helps. (I hope)

Hey, I’m over forty. A lot over.  I need all the help I can get.

Companies, however, don’t give me free stuff so I’ll look better, so I’ll stave off the inevitable end of being even remotely appealing to anyone under the age of 80, so I don’t look at my wrinkly knees while in downward dog and think “why yes! Yes I am a dog.” No, they give me free product in the hopes that I will write about it.

So I’m going to.  I’m awarding the Swaggies: Best Blogger Swag. (more…)

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I LOVE swag.  Who doesn’t?  It’s free. It’s usually fun. And did I mention it’s free?

But I wonder if I’ve let it get out of control.

I know, I know.  This coming from a woman who gave away a GINORMOUS swag bag at the KidzVuz event we held with The Big Toy Book at BlogHer 11 last weekend in San Diego..

And I got plenty o’swag too.  From little cute things, like a strawberry shaped re-usable shopping bag from Shari’s Berries (which I love), to the Sinusense sinus cleaner-outer thing  from Waterpik that I’m hoping will help out my perpetually clogged daughter, to cool stick-ums from 3M that will let my daughter keep her Glee wall without messing up my paint job, to the holy-crap this stuff actually works Eye Know Eye cream from Mama Mio.  Which, I will gladly pay for when it runs out…because it’s just that good.

I won an absolutely gorgeous Stella and Dot necklace at the MomTrends Fashion File party. And since I never win anything, I then spent the rest of the evening annoyingly showing it off to total strangers.  The Redakai cards I got for my son (from my own party!) are sure to be a hit, and the Shanesware jewelry will thrill my daughter. I swear that my Oscillococcsinum samples from last year’s BlogHer saved me from a house full of sickies over the winter.  And you can bet I took more this year. I got geekily excited over a power strip  and a etyomic Blue Tooth head set from Clever Girls. And I’ve already bought Sabra Hummus and Stacey’s chips with my coupons. Seriously.

I honestly don’t know if I could list all the stuff I got at BlogHer.

And I love it all .  And I’ll use it all.  And I’ll write more about it (especially that eye-cream, since it also comes with facial exercise routine (seriously!) that I’ll have to try and get back to you on.)

But here’s the thing: It’s kind of  excessive, and a bit…icky.  I feel a little cheap. And I wonder if there’s a way to cut down on the swag, and turn it into charity. (more…)

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