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I am tired of the cyber-boogie-man. I am sick of hearing about how dangerous the internet is.  How there are cyber bullies, and stalkers, and people out there just waiting for a chance to steal your identity.

Maybe so.

But does that mean we have to dwell on the negative all the time?

I liken it to living in NYC – is there a constant threat of a terrorist attack? Probably.  But that’s not what we put in our tourism campaigns. Nor is it how we go about our daily lives here.  We couldn’t.  We’d go crazy.

And that’s exactly how everyone is acting about the internet and kids lately: crazy.

Just like you teach your kids to be wary of strangers, but not to be so terrified they become recluses living with forty cats, you have to teach your kids to be wary of online dangers, but not to be so scared of it that they’re freakish Luddites, pulling down the 1962 World Book Encyclopedia to research their next paper.

Like it or not, the Internet is here to stay – at least until the next big thing my small brain can’t even imagine takes over – and our kids are all going to have to learn to live with it. (more…)

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