It’s a (Blogger) Dog’s Life

Me, Art Smith, and my MomOwner

It was quite a party.  Really it was.  I paid for it the next day, of course.  I mean, I live  a pretty simple life.  And a party like that - all that indulging.  Well, it takes something out of you. But from the moment I got into that black radio-car to be driven to the W Hotel Downtown, I knew Continue Reading

Not Ready for Holly-woof


My dog is too fat for TV work. Let me explain.  Bentley - my dog - is a mutt.  Not a designer breed kind of mutt, but an actual we-have-no-idea-what-kind-of-dog-he-is mutt. Oh, and he has an agent. No really.  My nineteen pound rescue dog (Petfinders) from Arkansas has an agent who works with him, Continue Reading

At Least my Dog Still Loves Me

The Kids vs. The Dog I remember the olden days when my children would cry and carry on when I left the house to go out. "Don't go Mommy! Don't go!" And when they would rejoice at my return, running to the door to smother me with kisses....even if I had only gone downstairs to get the mail. But Continue Reading

Sick as a Dog

I've always wondered where the expression "sick as a dog" came from.  Now I know. Our new puppy, Bentley, has been sick - on and off - more or less since we rescued him.  In the past six weeks, we've been through three rounds of medication for Giardia, which is a  parasite common to puppies, Continue Reading

Waiting for Bentley: Getting a Dog

As my kids and I walked to school, they plead their case. "Please can we get a dog?" "Mommy, if we got a dog, I promise I would take care of it." "Every one else has dogs." "Please can we get a dog?" Aunt Susan got a dog and she doesn't even like dogs." "Please can we get a dog?" "You never gave Continue Reading