Missin’ Ms. Palin

Now that it's all over, now that John McCain has gone back to Mavericking, and Barak Obama has gone on to make history, now that Joe Sixpack only has empties, Joe Biden has the Vice Presidency, and Joe the Plumber has gone back to doing whatever it is an unlicensed plumber does,  I can't help but Continue Reading

Sing, Sarah Palin, Sing!

Last night, I went to see a neighbor's cabaret show.  You know, one of those things where you rent out the space, hire the band, and then invite all your friends to pay a cover charge, drink the two drink minimum and come to hear you sing.  And all I could think about, the whole time I sat there, Continue Reading

White House Bunny: Anna Faris for VP

If "perky" is all you need to be to be Vice President of the United States, then I nominate Anna Faris, star of the new movie House Bunny...or at least her character, Shelley. She is eminently qualified for any number of reasons. First of all, she's an advocate for the little guys. (Or the nerdy Continue Reading

Scary Sarah Palin

Did you see her last night? I didn't think she'd be awful, or embarrassing, but neither did I think she'd be quite so good.  She looked great.  She was relaxed, poised, confident, funny even.  A funny, conservative, pro-gun, pro-life, creationist.  How's that for an oxymoron? Yesterday, I posted Continue Reading