Bloggers: How Not to Work with Brands

Being a Blogger Isn't always a Party

Last week, my post about How Not to Work with Bloggers evidently hit a chord. I guess there are still plenty of brands out there that aren't treating bloggers right. But in fairness - there are plenty of bloggers messing things up, too. So here's the other side of the story:  What Bloggers shouldn't Continue Reading

What A Trip!

I've been back from my 23andMe super-secret-special-project extravaganza trip for some time now.  I've been basking in the glory that was four days away from household chores, drop-off, pick up, and frigid temperatures. I did miss my kids and hubby, tis true, but it was a small price to pay for a Continue Reading

Lovin’ Leap Frog

I went for the swag. The holidays are coming, the economy is tanking, and Leap Frog sent me a (no obligations)invitation to a party offering free stuff,(I love swag) and free food (I love to eat)  at the Four Seasons Hotel!  Hello! I'm going. See, I have been raising a couple of Luddites. My kids Continue Reading