Hello, my name is Ashley, and I'll be your server this evening.  This summer, our chef has a season long special: WeinerSpitzle.  WeinerSpitzle is an only in NY combination of hubris, stupidity, perversion, and blatant disregard for the law.  We take a little bit of working class Continue Reading

Bloggers: How Not to Work with Brands

Being a Blogger Isn't always a Party

Last week, my post about How Not to Work with Bloggers evidently hit a chord. I guess there are still plenty of brands out there that aren't treating bloggers right. But in fairness - there are plenty of bloggers messing things up, too. So here's the other side of the story:  What Bloggers shouldn't Continue Reading

Funniest Twitter Message Ever

rebecca tweet

Only some of you will "get" this.  But for those that do...it was a surreal moment when this message came through: On a more serious note - I actually think it's kind of a good reminder that Social Media is terrific, and I love it, and I've written about how much I love it more than once.  But it's Continue Reading

Family Travel: To Tech or not to Tech?

Family pic from Lake Louise

Family vacations are supposed to be all about togetherness.  So does that mean that no one can be on their phone or handheld game, or ipad, or computer the entire time? Yikes. I mean, can you get the DTs from electronic withdrawal syndrome? Kim Orlando gave that a shot on her recent family Continue Reading