In Defense of Matt Lauer

Yesterday's keruffle over Matt Lauer's dubious line of questioning with  Mary Barra, the first female CEO of automotive giant GM, on the Today Show gave Lauer haters new fuel. (In a nutshell, he asked Barra if she thought she could be both a good CEO and a good Mom.  You know, just like he always Continue Reading

I’m on ABC News about Summer Camp Blues

Well, I was SO upset about how I did at the taping (uncontrollable lip twitching, for starters) that  as soon as I left, I immediately had to go and do some serious retail therapy.  But turns out, a three camera shoot and a good editor are all it takes to make me look...not half bad!  So I didn't Continue Reading

Traveling Without the Parents

My kids don’t need me any more. Well, OK. Maybe that’s a bit harsh.  They still need me.  I still cook their food, and bandage their boo boos, and at least for a bit longer – tuck them in at night.  But this week, they’ve taken a big giant step away from me. Earlier this week – early in the Continue Reading

Pearl Harbor: Do we Really Remember?

Today is Pearl Harbor Day, the anniversary of the terrible attack on US Soil that finally (finally) got the United States to fully engage in World War II, and not too many people seem to care. Of course there are remembrances here and there, and moments of silence on military bases and ships around Continue Reading