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Even in the Wild Wild West that is the Social Media Landscape, there are some rules.  And I have no problem sharing a few of them.  Some are pretty clear:  don’t plagiarize.  SelfishMom, Beccarama and I (Coast to Coast Mom couldn’t make it!) talked about the big plagiarism scandal that was all over the mom-blogosphere last week on our Blogging Angels Podcast. For once, we all agreed: don’t steal someone else’s words.  It is wrong.  That’s not really a tough one.

There are other Blogger rules of conduct to follow:  don’t beg for votes, follows, or retweets, don’t take it personally if you are not invited to some event or another.  Do write about, or furiously Tweet about events you do attend.  Don’t work for free – but do define payment in whatever way works best for you. (Product, experience, exposure.. beccarama has a great post about it) Do offer link love. Don’t relentlessly promote your own posts on Twitter to the exclusion of all else.  Do re-tweet, and tweet out other people’s posts you enjoy.

Basically, it’s all Golden Rule stuff:  Do unto others. Simple.

For brands and marketing companies, not always so simple, as some of my recent experiences have proven.  So here’s a short list of do’s and don’t for brands when working with bloggers. (more…)

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