CE WEEKin NYC: Some of my Faves

CES is a massive, miles long, completely insane, totally exhausting labyrinth from which it feels you may never escape.  CE WEEK, however, held each week in smaller venues across  the country, is an interesting, manageable look at the latest in tech.

In my case, it even comes with a fab lunch, courtesy of Techlicious, at BLT Fish. (The biscuits are to DIE for!)

Every year for the past few years, the folks at Techlicious have done me a huge favor:  they’ve walked the floor of CE Week ahead of time, picked out the most interesting, relevant things, and taken me on  a tour to see them.  So what did I see?  Read on:

No cables! And look how thin! Love it.

This Super cool  Thinium charger:

Ever see someone with a looong cord sticking out from her purse leading to the phone at the end of her arm?  I know I have.  I’ve even been that someone several times!  So I loved this nifty little charger from Thimium  that has it’s USB mini cord built right in, and still manages to be soft, light, and sleek.

Sometimes it’s the simple things.

2014 webOS TV Screen InFill

2. These AMAZING LG TV’s

Ever see the movie of the first movie being shown to an audience?  It was the Lumiere Brother’s Train Footage, and it had folks screaming in terror, because the moving train looked so real? The new LG  Ultra HD TVs would have killed those people on the spot – it’s that scarily clear and crisp.

Plus, it’s integrated web OS (operating system for those luddites out there) makes it easy to find what you want online UB9800 with Screenshotand to adjust your TV settings without exiting from what you’re watching to a whole new screen.  And with the X-box style remote – just wave it at the screen, rather than pushing a gazillion times to get to where you want to be, it’s easy to use, too

In an exclusive promotion, consumers who buy a qualifying LG Ultra HD 4K TV by August 16 get a free year of Netflix, courtesy of LG.

Best Travel Organization App Ever!

3. That incredibly well organized itinerary TripIt, brought to the Techlicious luncheon by TravelingMom,  was a revelation on my trip to Napa Valley.  (I’m typing this on my return home!  Yay in air wireless! Boo, end of trip!)

Once you’ve set it up, TripIt automatically scans incoming emails for confirmations from thousands of Travel partners – from airlines, to hotels, to venues – and organizes them – AUTOMATIALLY!!!  – into an itinerary of your trip, including directions, phone numbers, and more.   No more searching for those confirmation emails.  It does it for you.tripit

If you’re not staying with a major hotel, or doing something at a big commercial venue, no worries.  I simply entered the information for our small B&B manually, and Trip It automatically added it to each day we stayed there.   Feel funny about TripIt scanning your emails?  Just forward relevant ones yourself.  That works, too.

TripIt even alerts you to flight changes, and to check in for your flight.  Genius.  And FREE!  (The Pro, Paid version comes with perks like upgrades in your various travel program status, and the ability to track loyalty points on airlines and hotels.)

This was my first trip with TripIt, but it absolutely won’t be my last.


Sweatproof and great sound.


4. Those waterproof, sweatproof headphones from Philips.  I’m proud to say I jogged two out of four mornings in Napa. And it’s Napa, so it’s HOT.  Sweatproof headphones means you can rinse them off when you get home – which I LOVE.

This not-so-simple thing that simplify your life,

6.  Honeywell’s Smart Home system, that knows when you’re nearing the house and automatically turns on the air conditioning or heat, depending on your  settings. It can turn on your lights, check the status of your refrigerator to make sure it’s energy efficient.  And (of course!) you control it all from your smart phone.

Makes me wish I lived in an actual house that had a thermostat for it to replace, instead of an apartment in a 100 year old building with steam heat….well, almost, anyway.


So there you have it.  A few highlights from CE Week.  Thanks to Suzanne and Techlicious for making helping me sort it all out!


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    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I love this post. I’m not an apple hater and I rlaeize that they capitalized on a great idea and I applaud them for it. While people like how easy apples are to use, people also want the software to allow them to break out of the mould which win8 allows them to do (as your article suggests). While I don’t have a surface I have installed Windows 8 on my Iconia W500 tablet. It’s so easy my 5 year old knows how to use it but if I need to do more complicated things, it can do that too.

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