How to be PC – as opposed to Mac: A New Blogging Angels Podcast

We were very excited over at The Blogging Angels recording studio (aka my apartment) last week, to welcome our first-ever guests: Ben  “The PC Guy” Rudolph, and Lisa Worthington, from Microsoft’s PR department.

Ben and Lisa talked about the new Windows 7 Phone, about Windows Live Writer (the best tool for bloggers), and about how Microsoft likes to work with bloggers. They tell you what to do to build a good relationship with a brand, and  – even more important – what you shouldn’t.

Plus, Ben riffs on the best PC’s for busy bloggers.  And I gotta tell you – – it’s kinda scary.  He knows the model numbers and gigabytes of every machine on the market by heart.


So stop on by The Blogging Angels and listen.  And then leave a comment to let us know what you think.


  1. Soliloquy says

    So I’m in the city this weekend and have the day to shop. Remember the perfect fit bra post you did way back when? Think you could email me the name of the place? I’m interested in shopping for some new underpinnings.

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