The KidzVuz App: My New Baby Has Arrived!

app splash Drum roll please!!!

Today we are officially announcing the launch of the KidzVuz app, the only video submission app designed especially for tweens.

I’m beyond excited.  Why?  So glad you asked!

Well, first of all, who’d a thunk, a few short years ago, that Rebecca Levey and I would not only have, a video review site for tweens, a parent blog, KidzVuz Parents (creative name, huh?), and a marketing company KidzVuz Connects, but that we, two 40+ (sorry, Bec) women, would be really rocking the start-up vibe with our very own app.

And it is pretty awesome.

With the totally 100% free KidzVuz App, here’s what kids can do:

badges screen · Be a star! Easily make videos right from the app.

· Stop rolling their eyes on trips.  The KidzVuz app will keep them entertained and engaged on vacation.  Making them see where they are in a whole new way, and think about what others might like to know about it.

· Check stuff out before they buy.  Can’t decide if that new toy/game/book is worth it?  Use the app to search the database of 1000’s of videos available on, to see what other kids have to say about it before you buy.

· Comment on videos

· Check their stats, points and badges

·  Be safe: KidzVuz watches every video before it goes up

· Be bully free. We read every comment before it’s posted.

· Find and make friends

Plus, it’s super cute…if I do say so myself!

So download the app, sign your kid up for a free account, and get them making reviews!

No, not you, your kid!!  Because just like the site, the KidzVuz App is no grownups allowed!

The KidzVuz App is totally free, and is available in the iTunes App Store for ipod touch, ipad and iphone right here.


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