The Return of SVMOMs (ish)

How did I start blogging?  Well, before I even really knew what a blog was, I heard about New York City Moms Blog, and that they were looking for writers.  So I applied, got in, and started writing.  When I began, I think there were about 30 women all together writing for the group. (In Sillicon Valley, Chicago (I think) and New York.  By the time the group closed it’s virtual doors, there were over 400 women from every corner of the country writing for the site.

And then it was gone.

Last week, we heard about the resurrection.  Sort of.  Technorati, a long-establish source of news and info on the web, has bought SVMOMs group’s assets, and is putting them all on it’s new Women’s Channel.

Should I join? Will I? What’s an angel to do when there are so many demands on her time…most of them unpaid?

Click on over the The Blogging Angels and take a listen. Hey, it’s not often we discuss rebirths!

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