Windows Phone 7.5: I think I love you

The Start screen of Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7.5 .  What can I say.  I never thought I would love a phone as much as my dear departed Palm, but I love the Windows Phone, and I love that people are finally realizing the extent of its awesomeness.

See, I am Queen of the Tech nobody else uses.  I had a Prodigy account, for God sakes. Then, for years, I had a Palm.  I even had one when it was just a PDA, owned by US Robotics.  In the days before cell phones! (yes, I am that old.).  I stayed with Palm until last year when it ceased to exist.  And I still think it was the best phone ever.  One thing it could do that no other phone I’ve found could, is you could do a  whole phone search for something.  For instance, if you knew you had someone’s phone number, but you weren’t sure if you put it in a note, an email, your datebook, whatever – you could search the whole phone.  Very useful. Also, it had simultaneously running apps.  Before the word app even existed.

But alas, I think I was one of the 92 people who actually used the phone.  And it left us forever. So sad.

Then, last year, for CES, Microsoft gave all of the Blogging Angels Windows Phones to use.  I loved mine.  And it was a huge source of conversation there.  Everyone loved it who saw it.  But let’s face it: there was no one lining up to get the latest Windows Phone like they line up for that…other phone. Sadly, the one Microsoft gave us was on T-Mobile – not my carrier, so buh-bye.  I waited for the phone to come out on Sprint, praying my scratched and dropped in the pool Palm would last until I could get a Windows Phone. And finally, it did come to Sprint.  It’s not the best piece of hardware (an HTC Arrive, clucky and dull) but the user interface is still awesome.

I love the live tiles that tell me what’s happening without my having to open up the programs.  I love that I can make anything I want a tile – like my husband, so I can call him, see his updates, email him, all with one push.  I love that I can search Bing with my voice alone.  I can tweet that way too.  And text. I love that it doesn’t have itty bitty little icons on the front page, but big, beautiful ones. I love that I can call up my Xbox avatar, shake the phone, and watch it fall down. Cracks me up every time.

I find it incredibly useful that I can edit and save the the cloud real word documents and excel sheets, not some compatible program.  And I love that it all integrates seamlessly with my Windows Live account. Awesomeness.

So now that David Pogue has sung the phone’s praises in the New York Times, maybe others will share my love.  And I won’t always have to explain to people what it is I’ve got in my hand.  But even if that doesn’t happen.  Even if it never catches on (in other words, even if some people are too blinded by Apples in their eyes to see a great phone), I love my WindowsPhone.  And I’ll keep hoping that it won’t go the way of Palm.  Cause I don’t think I could take another break up.

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