Wordless Wednesday: My New “Baby”

When you get to be my age, having a baby takes on new meaning.  It’s either your dog…or your business.  Well, as you can see, it’s my business this time. (Got the dog already!)

Here it is: KidzVuz version 2.0!  All new and improved!  KidzVuz is a video review sharing site for tweens.  Kids leave reviews, watch reviews.  Tell each other what’s cool. What they love.  What they don’t.  They think. They create.  And instead of being told that the internet is a big bad place, they get to see how great it can be.

There’s an integrated webcam, points and badge, fan clubs, following…all kinds of stuff for kids.

As of Monday morning, you’ll be able to see it all.  But for now, it’s just a baby picture.  Straight from the delivery room.  (a.k. Big Sea Design – the folks repsonsible for designing and building this baby)

Ain’t it sweet?

(Check out KidzVuz version 1 right now – but be sure to come back Monday for even cooler stuff)


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