Barcelona: Day Two

Late start.  Very late start.  But that’s why they call it vacation, right?

After our late start, we walked.  And walked.  And walked.

We hit La Rambla, which is tourist central – but that’s what we are – tourists.  Plus, there are some sites to see along the way. Like the Boqueria – or Market.  Just amazing.  I have never seen figs…or eggs – so gigantic.

Then we went to the Palau Guell.  Because who doesn’t need more Gaudi?  A beautiful home, built for a wealthy family.  And another spectacular roof.  This guy must have liked the help.  Those were the only people seeing how special it was – since they were the ones up there folding the laundry.

After Tapas at Amaya, a forty year old tapas place that makes everything fresh – no reheated frozen stuff here – at the southern end of La Rambla, we headed to the Tourisme Office for our Picasso Walking Tour.  You know how you see those humongous groups of people walking around big cities and you think  – holy crap, they look like such dorks?  Yeah, that.  42 of us following one guy named Danny.  At least he didn’t have a flag, an umbrella, or a big stick with a feather on the top of it.

Danny took us through the Old City pointing out various Picasso sites along the way – his only public piece in the city.  His bar/hangout, his first apartment, where he studied, and finally, the Picasso museum.  Three hours later, we hopped in a cab to take a siesta before our 9:30 dinner reservation at the chic Commerc 24, where we will be seated at a group table with 6 other people. Here’s hoping they either speak some English, or are serious eye candy.

See?  Living like a Catalan already!


  1. anna rabinowitz says

    I’ve been to Barcelona and LOVED it.You’re making it come alive again, but so delectable I feel I have to get back. I’m savoring your every word!!

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