From South Africa to Las Vegas: Not as Different as you’d think

Can you think of any two places more different than the bush of South Africa and the glitz of Las Vegas? Hollywood and The Vatican, maybe? Or Jersey Shore and the Hamptons?  Nope, I’d say South Africa/Las Vegas wins.  And those are exactly the two places I’ve been in the past two weeks.

Let me first illustrate with a few photos:

A dancer in South Africa:


A Dancer in Las Vegas:

vegas showgirl


Nightlife in Las Vegas:


cosmopolitan barNightlife in Africa:




Wildlife in South Africa:CSC_0294


Wild Life in Las Vegas


You get the picture.  Being in South Africa was all about nature.  And let’s face it, there ain’t nothing natural about Las Vegas.  There are, however, a surprising number of similarities, if you know how to look at it.

1.  South Africa: It is dangerous to walk around unescorted at night, as animals might stalk you.

Las Vegas: It is dangerous to go out unescorted at night, as sleazy men might stalk and try to “date” you.

2. South Africa:  The Mother rhino will do anything to protect her young from their father.

Las Vegas: The mother on vacation will do anything to protect her young from the debauchery in the bars.

3. South Africa:  You may find monkeys swinging from the rafters of your room.

Las Vegas: You often find dancers swinging from poles in clubs.

4. South Africa: After a big kill, a lion may not eat for days.

Las Vegas: After getting killed in the casinos, a hotel guest might not have enough money left to eat.

5. South Africa: As long as you keep your hands in the jeep, you’ll be safe on safari.

Las Vegas:  As long as you keep your hands to yourself, you’ll be welcome in the strip clubs.

See?  South Africa and Las Vegas…not that different.  It’s all in the way you look at it!


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