Microsoft Windows is Sending me to Las Vegas!

Blogging_Angels_CES2As I write this, I am on a plane on my way to CES – The Consumer Electronics Show. CES is the worlds largest tech show , and I know what you’re thinking: What the hell am I doing going to a tech show?

Well, see that little link to the right?  The one that says Blogging Angels?  That’s why I’m going.  See, I have another online life.  I am not just the witty, funny, self-deprecating blogger you know and love. I am also the witty self-deprecating podcaster.  Every week, over on the Blogging Angels, me, Rebecca from, Amy from and Heidi from talk about social media, women and tech, blogging, Facebook, twitter…whatever social media topic touches our fancy.  And that’s why I’m going to the land of glitter, glam and god-awful outfits:  I am a social media expert!  (who knew?)

All of us Angels are thrilled that Microsoft has kindly agreed to sponsor all four of us for CES.  So what happens on this particular trip to Vegas won’t stay in Vegas at all.  We’ll be posting pictures and video and blogging and vlogging and (of course) podcasting, the whole time we’re there. 

So how do I feel about all this?

1. Thrilled.  Having Microsoft take an interest in our podcast is amazing and flattering and just plain awesome.

2. Scared.  CES is the world’s second largest trade show.  150,000 attendees. Holy crap!

3. Amused.  Why amused?  Because the Adult Film Star Convention is also happening this week in Las Vegas, and there is something hysterical about the prospect of 100,000 tech-geeks hanging out with thousands of porn stars that is totally hysterical.  Maybe some of them will collaborate and make one of those “I was just attending a trade show when these two women knocked on my hotel room door” movies.  Or maybe they’ll come up with The Porn-er-ator.  I have no idea what it would do, but it sounds like a good name for a porn/tech contraption, dontcha think?

I have never been to Las Vegas. I imagine that it will be like being trapped in a super glitzy shopping mall, where canned air is piped in, secondhand smoke leaves you smelling like Barack Obama’s secret smoking room, and people are either squeezed into polyester pantsuits, or parading around in the functional equivalent of their underwear. 

In other words, I imagine that I will absolutely hate it. 

Good thing I’m not going on vacation.  This is work, baby.  Work work work.  And I’ve got the hardware to prove I’m serious!  My (loaner) Asus Eee PC is an adorable hot-pink lovely of a netbook.  I’ll be carrying it around with me all day, using the built in web cam, taking notes and being glad that it weighs less than three pounds, as I lug it around the show floor all day.

My Windows Phone 7 (alas, another loaner) is also a CES must: first of all, it has this totally cool interface, that makes it look like I am SO cutting edge.  Second of all, it runs Windows, which means it has the stuff I need: I can access my documents, make quick edits, even post to this here blog. Third of all, it has a big ole screen, so when I’m bleary eyed from all this travelling, I’ll still be able to see it! ( I love my Palm Pre, but it does look kind of puny and sad next to my HRC Windows Phone.)

Of course  haven’t mentioned the parties – there are a bazillion of them.   This is Vegas, people!  Of course there are parties.  The Mashable Awards and Party at Cirque du Soleil, the Mom Tech breakfast at Paris Paris (Hey, I’m going to Paris.  Minus the gorgeous men, the world class art and the phenomenal coffee!  yay me), blogger events, IRL tweet ups.  There’s a Windows Phone party, and a Microsoft cocktail party.  I’m even going out to a nice, quiet dinner with our Microsoft sponsors, @winmommylisa and @benthepcguy, who I love. (and not just cuz they’re sponsors. I like them because I like them.) I feel especially close to Lisa since she had never even HEARD of Loehmann’s until I took her there.  Her first trip to Loehmann’s.  It’s a bond no one can ever break.

Anyway – my point is, I’ll be in Vegas, and I”ll be writing and tweeting about it non-stop while I am.  So check back in.

It’ll be like you went to CES – without the stale air, the hoards of people, the lack of clocks, the endless temptation of the potentially life-ruining gambling tables, and oh yeah, the Adult Film Stars!


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    Congrats, Nancy, how cool! And trust me, you will hate Vegas. It’s actually fun for the first 24 hours, and then it’s simply the most depressing place on earth. Uh… that wasn’t very encouraging, was it? Truly, so excited that you get to do such a great trip, sponsored by a great company, with your great friends. Have a blast!

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    Vegas sounds exhilarating! And scary and big and WONDERFUL!
    Have fun and make sure you do not leave out a single detail for us mere mortals who will be living vicariously through you!

    Stop by my new blog as I write about my experience as a living experiment on the Sensa weight loss program…

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