Mommy Blogger Roadtrip Shameless Promotion

In addition to my endless ramblings here, I also blog at NYC Moms Blog is part of a nationwide group of blogger-Moms (including sometime guest blogger Katie Couric!) with sites all around the country.

Who knew there were that many women with that much to say? Oh, I guess anybody who knows any woman would know that we ALL have a lot to say!

Anyhoo – though I am deeply jealous, I am also truly thrilled to direct what meager traffic I may to the latest, greatest happening across the blogs: Silicon Valley Moms Roadtrip ’08. It’s five moms, one mini-van, a cross country road trip, lots of opinions and a whole lot of blogging going on.

The women selected to make the trip will have to endure:

1. Each other. (Mostly, they don’t really know one another except through their blogs. Could end up like Big Brother — trapped in a MiniVan until they’re voted out!)

2. Constant media attention. Seriously, these women are going to have to look good A LOT of the time. They will be on video, on local news casts, and more. I don’t know about you – but the “I just spent twelve hours in the car without a bathroom break” look doesn’t work for me. My advice: concealer and a ponytail. Works wonders.

3. All of us. See, not only are they taking the road trip – we all get to comment on it along the way. Talk about backseat drivers!

Still, all in all, it should be a great ride. Plus, it ends in San Francisco – a truly fabulous city, where the women will join the Blogher conference. (And get some pretty fine swag bags, from what I hear!) And I do love swag. Really I do.

I’ve been reading these women for awhile now. They are funny, smart, and way more accomplished than I am. So I’ll be clicking along as they drive along.

Give ’em a try.


  1. says

    Enduring each other won’t be as tough for Aviva and me since we blog together at Parentopia. It may actually feel like you are watching an old married couple with two hipper younger moms.


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