My Club Med Vacation: Round 2

Club Med punta canaWe have friends, who every year, head to Costa Rica on vacation.  I’ve been to Costa Rica.  I loved it.  We had a wonderful trip.  And maybe I’ll go back someday to see another part of it, but five years in a row? I don’t get it.  I like my vacations to be about discovering something new.  Now that the kids are older, we don’t have to plunk ourselves down in Florida at Grandma’s.  We can explore.

But last year was a big travel year for us.  We went to South Africa, we went to Paris, the kids even went to Yellowstone Park without us, on a school trip.  When my daughter got back from her last trip, she said “Can we just go to a resort next time?”  Eleven years old and she already has travel fatigue!  So here I am, getting ready (i.e. dieting furiously) not to just go on a plunking myself down in one place vacation, not just to a non-discovery place, but for the second time, to  Club Med  Punta Cana.

We last went to Club  Med when the kids were in Kindergarten. (that’s little daughter, there!) This fall, they started Middle School.  So it has been a while.  Last time, they were in the mini-club. This time, they’ll be in the teen group.  Last time, we went back to the room straight after dinner, so the kids could be asleep by 8:30.  This year, they’ll probably want to go dancing at the teen disco. Last time, I worried about how I looked in the bathing suit.  This time – past 40 – I wish I looked that good!

The thing about Club Med i,s it really is all things to all people.  (Except maybe luxurious.  I don’t think it’s that.  Though there has been an extensive renovation since our last visit.)  But what it is to me, is easy.  There’s something for everyone to do.  From tennis and sailing to trapeze, to just hanging out on the beach. There’s no worry about how you’re dressed, or if the kids are being disrupted.  It’s casual, and relaxed.
Will I have cushy towels in my room? No.  Will there be Frette sheets? No again.  Will a uniformed concierge greet me?  Well, maybe if you think shorts and a club med t-shirt is a uniform.
But will the kids have free rein, giving my husband and I time together?  You bet.  Will the weather be glorious?  Always.  Will there be tons to do? Yes. Yes. Yes.

Good thing my daughter had travel fatigue.


  1. says

    So wierd…I was just checking out prices of Club Med this a.m. for a last-minute trip…last time we went DD was in-utero…and my DH tried to do the trapeze…don’t ask…

  2. Leesa Zelken says

    Funny…I am going to Club Med for the first time this Feb. Sandpiper, Fla. with my brother’s family (french sister in law), who’ve been there no fewer than 6 times. It’s for all the reasons you mention that I’ve avoided this sort of getaway and all those reasons that I cannot wait to go! (12 yo daughter with her 11 and 14 yo cousins, first and foremost!)

    • says

      When we went the first time, we took one look at the room and I said “Next time, the Ritz Carlton.” But after only a few hours, I was converted. There is something so nice about the relaxed vibe. No need to behave a certain way. Or worry that your kids are. As long as you know it’s not about luxury – it’s about relaxing, warmth, and fun – you’ll love it.

  3. hollynyny says

    I went to Club Med in between jobs and didn’t expect it nearly as much as I did. It was really relaxing, I worked out and did what I wanted to do and the food was really, really good. I’d go again with my kids but it always seems pricy when we look into it. I’ll have to look into it again.

    • NYNancy says

      We got a great deal – going the week before everyone else has Christmas Vacation – oops “winter break.” If you can find a less than super-popular week, it’s actually super affordable – compared to other places.

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