Paris: Loopy for the Louvre

So it’s day four in Paris, and the kids have finally, thoroughly, shocked me:  their favorite thing so far was not the Eiffel Tower, not the hot chocolate at Angelina’s, not the patisseries or the bookinistes along the Seine.  Nope.  They’re favorite thing was visiting The Louvre.


Not that I’m not thrilled, proud, even.  Just a bit surprised.  What kid goes away on vacation and says that their favorite thing was a museum?  It’s either a sign that I’ve done something very right in raising two kids who are interested in art and history and appreciate it’s significant — or a sign that I’ve done something very, very wrong, and have raised two oddball kids who like Da Vinci’s better than pains au chocolats.

I think I’ll stick with the proud/did something right scenario.

It’s been a bit of a rough trip. For one, it’s made me feel OLD. I remember virtually nothing of my days here. Granted, it was 20 years ago — but still.  I can barely remember which museum is on which bank.  Restaurants I knew and loved are long gone.  And most importantly, men do not notice me at all. That was always the case in New York, but my memory of myself in Paris was different — I was a babe.  No longer.


For my kids, though, it’s been great.  And seeing Paris through their eyes has been  fun.  Just like I can’t possibly know what it’s like to discover New York City (it’s just the place I live), I don’t really remember anymore discovering Paris.  So nice to get to see what that’s like.

Here — take a look:

All looks good, huh? Guess I can’t complain.

More later.

A bient tot!


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    I can not WAIT until I visit gaye paris. Is that how you spell it?

    My dad takes me to Italy all the time, but I am itching for France.

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    Um, didn’t you say you weren’t writing about the kids anymore? Does it not count because you’re in a foreign country? Or are ya hoping they’re too busy admiring the art history to notice?

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    We can’t wait to hit the City of Lights in a few weeks with the kids. Not so sure the Louvre will be my kid’s favorite spot, but I can dream.
    On a side note, we went to Israel last summer and I felt the same way – Israeli men were no longer eying me up as they did 20 years ago. Something was missing!

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