South African Family Vacation: Pics Pics Pics

This Momma Rhino was grazing with her calf.

There are so many animals when you are on safari, you sort of get immunized to them. Ho hum. it’s another crash of Rhinos. (ha! bet you didn’t know that word!) But when you really stop to look at them – like at this Rhinoceros, for instance, they are, let’s face it really, really weird looking. I mean, seriously, the thing has this giant wide mouth, teeny beady eyes, and an extra horn on the top of his head that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose whatsoever.

But it’s funny how quickly the weirdness becomes what is normal.
Like these elephants, play wrestling in preparation for when they really do need to fight over a female. Seemed just like any adolescents puffing out their chests!
I wonder if I only feel that way because I am so jaded.  And I hope that looking at these photos, the sense of wonder comes back.  Both for me and for you.
The secenery in Africa is just beautiful — sky sky sky.  And weirdly, all of the dead trees make for beautiful, sculptural shapes against the sky.
Yeah.  I think the wonder is back.
But also….I wonder how I’m ever going to get through the 1400 photos I took on this trip.
Hope you enjoy.

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