Brand New Year/Brand New Look!

It wasn’t pretty. The stock photo of the shopping cart. (when all I ever do is e-shop Fresh Direct) The bland grey type. (when really, I’m much more vibrant than that) The totally un-designed design. (after 17 years in TV, I really should know better) But that’s all in the past.

After an EXHAUSTIVE search of websites (like, basically every single one of my twitter followers) I found Simply Amusing Designs, simply the best there is.  Karen Lewis is a home-schooling mother of five (or is it six? sorry, can’t remember. I just know it was impressive) who manages to run a business from her Texas home. Talk about impressive. She’s designed some of my all-time favorite looking blogs. Including (Amy Oztan’s Selfish Mom (and Amy does deserve a blog design as fabulous as she is), and  It’s 4 the Kids.

She was easy to work with, full of ideas, open to suggestions, and despite what I suspect are some major differences in our lifestyle (geography, religion, and I’m guessing she never sang with a Bar Mitzvah band) she seemed to “get me” right from the start.  And the results?

Well they’re right here.

Along with my new look will be a new dedication to more posts, more giveaways, more laughs, and more chances for you to say “thank goodness I’m not the only one!”

Let me know what you think of my new look down below.  Or better yet – click on my new subscribe button on the right — yeah, right up there.

I hope to see more of you soon,

Happy New Year!


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