Contest: Is your Dog the Cutest?

There is only one perfect dog in the world….and every owner has it.

(My dog, of course, is the cutest. Really. No, really.)

But if you think yours is instead, have I got a link for you!

Purina Dog Chow is running a great contest right now, and your dog could win. (Though, of course, not if he’s not as cute as my dog.  Which he isn’t! 😉 )

Here’s what your dog could win:

  • A walk-on appearance for the winning dog in THE 101 DALMATIANS MUSICAL during the curtain call on April 10, 2010 at the 7p.m. show.
  • A 30 minute training session with one of THE 101 DALMATIANS MUSICAL trainers
  • Meet and greet with Rascal AND the celebrity starring as Cruella in New York
  • The winning dog’s photo and bio will be displayed in the lobby of the theatre right alongside Rascal’s and the rest of the Dalmatian cast
  • A one year supply of Purina® Dog Chow® brand Dog Food which will be awarded as 19 manufacturer’s coupons, each redeemable for one package of Purina® Dog Chow® brand Dog Food up to 20 pounds (retail value up to $13.40 for each coupon, maximum retail value: $254.60).
  • Four (4) VIP tickets to THE 101 DALMATIANS MUSICAL show featuring the dog’s walk-on appearance on April 10, 2010, at the 7p.m. show, along with a pass for the dog owner to accompany the dog backstage the entire time during the show. The owner must also accompany the dog on stage during the curtain call appearance.

Please notice that none of this includes and actual TRIP to NYC, so unless you can get here on your own, or already live here, you might not want to enter.  But, hey, a Broadway debut is a good reason to come to NY for a visit anyway.  (Plus there are lots of ideas of what you can do on Traveling Mom.) And hurry!  The Spotted contest ends March 26th!!

To encourage you to enter, Purina has sent me two gift bags, which I’ll give away to the people who tell me what makes their dog special. (Actually, the winners will be chosen at random, but you still have to tell me what makes your dog special to enter.)  The gift bags include a CD with music from the 101 Dalmatians Show, a special “spotted” handkerchief for you dog, some sheets of tips for dog owners, and valuable coupons from Purina Dog Chow.  (And hey, now that I have a dog, I know how much dog food can cost!)

SO – leave a comment below to enter to win one of the gift packs, and click here to enter your dog for a chance to be a Broadway star!

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Open to US residents only, 18 years and older. Winner will be chosen at Random by  Contest ends Sunday, March 28th at 11pm.


  1. McKim says

    My Cinnamon Girl is my special girl. She is an 11 year old red border collie, and is an absolute sweetheart. Even though she’s getting older and slowing down she still wants to play. She is such a gentle soul and has such expressive eyes.

  2. debp says

    I could use this. I rescued a malamute from some idiots who thought they could keep her in a cage all the time. She wasn’t housebroken (she would go in her cage) and only weighed about 30 pounds at one year. I am very gradually putting weight on her and now have her housebroken. I could really use this prize.

  3. liz says

    hi well our dog winky is a bug ( pug boston mix ) and she is the sweetest dog in the world!!

  4. Kelly Ann T. says

    I have a wonderful Alaskan Malamute who I adopted from IAMRA. He is so funny because he loves to dress up. During Halloween there are contests for dogs and even one for Christmas. Kouga gets so excited when I start getting stuff out fo the closest, he hops around and his tail is going a mile a minute. Last year we won the Christmas contest for the most creative costume. He was a 88 pound gingerbread man and he was just adorable.

  5. Sarah says

    All dogs are special – my little rescue Maltese makes my day every day by dancing around with excitement about going out for a walk, playing ball and keeping me warm in bed.

  6. Ramona says

    Our dog is a blue healer. Belle is so cute, she has us wound around her little pinky. She has trained us to feed her a snack when she gets back from her walk, so when we are near the garage, she is sure to sit to remind us that she gets a snack. She won’t budge until we “get it” litterally and figuratively.

  7. Tawnda says

    our dog is a old sweetheart… and there will never be another dog like him. This would be a great bag to win 😉

  8. Jodi says

    My dog is so silly he just makes everyone smile. I even have kids coming to my door asking if my dog can come out and play.

  9. says

    My dog, Hannah, is special because she is so sweet and loving. She is getting older and was diagnosed with cancer almost a year and a half ago. She went through a round of chemotherapy and is still hanging in there! We are so happy to have this “bonus” time to spend with her.l

  10. Sue Farrell says

    Our dogs are special because they are so gentle—they are beagles and didn’t even kill the baby rabbit they caught.

  11. kristy says

    I have 2 of the sweetest dogs. They are the same breed and close to the same age but they have different personalities. My male dog is laid back but loves attention. My female dog is shy but she is extremely hyper. They are both so loving and special in their own ways.

  12. Carla Pullum says

    My lab is so special he is always there when we are sick to be right next to us to let he knows he cares!

  13. Trina says

    Who doesn’t think there dog is special. But Pasha my 100 pound lap dog is special because of the way he protects the new baby. When someone comes to the house, it is almost as if Pasha needs to check them out before they are allowed to come near the baby.

  14. Frances Watson says

    when a friend of mine died he left me his dogs to keep both had heart worms and one died the other one survived the heart worm treatments and became my special Princess a year later she had an adorable puppy hope I win this she is a special dog an australian shepard

  15. Melissa Painter says

    My dog is special because when my husband sings the national anthem, Mia sings along.

  16. Sand says

    My dog is painfully adorable! She’s a rescue dog who’s half Springer Spaniel, half Weimaraner.