Have Hoodie. Will Techie.

I am officially a Techie

Now that I have a KidzVuz hoodie, I am officially a techie.

Yes, it’s true, I am now officially the co-founder and co-owner of a tech start up called KidzVuz.com.  It’s a website where  tweens  watch and leave reviews of the stuff they love. But I didn’t feel like a techie until  Beccarama blogger and my tech start up business partner gave me this KidzVuz hoodie for my birthday, (29)  You see, you can’t be a techie without the requisite hoodie.  Converse help, but the hoodie is key.  Once I put on my KidzVuz hoodie,  I miraculously transformed into an official member of the tech start up community.

Pretty soon, I’ll be waif thin and bathe less frequently.  Or at least look like I do.

Pretty soon, I’ll be  composting.  And using words like meme, and bandwidth, and double chai latte.

I may even buy a pair of Doc Martens. And wear them with a cotton floral sundress.

And my hoodie.


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    Congrats on the company. Sounds like you may be onto something. I have 3 teens who have very definite opinions about what they like or don’t like on TV the Internet video games Wii PSP Xbox you name! If you want honest reviews I should have the kids take a look at your company site.
    Oh- I where hoodies AND converse and I am so not a techie! LOL

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